What do you need to prepare for an outdoor wedding in rainy seasons?

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The rainy season seems to be hard to host an outdoor wedding, and not everyone is willing to risk their once-and-only lifetime event in this challenging weather. However, by preparing a strong mindset and embracing the rain positively, the rainy season is where the most unique outdoor weddings are celebrated. Knowing what to prepare for things like a night outdoor wedding tent, also, to stay firm and calm under any unexpected circumstances, will possibly make your outdoor wedding during this season the best ceremony anybody would experience. 

And as always, even though this is not the best season to celebrate your wedding, but with a team of creative and professional experiences, DNX Wedding will promise to thoroughly plan, as well as have the team experiences the location directly to equip necessities in order to minimize the risk as much as possible. And here are the lists of what you need to prepare for an outdoor wedding in the rainy seasons. 

1. Waterproof Makeup and Hair:

For the bride, bridals, and women guests, the most realistic and essential thing to protect from when the rain happens at your outdoor wedding is your outlook, in this situation, hair and makeup. After days of choosing the best hairstyle and makeup look, along with hours of dedication in preparing, having these ruined by the rain is the last thing you want to happen.  Hence, wearing waterproof cosmetics and using hairspray to fix your hair shape will help to prevent things from being slipped out, and last from day to night, even when partying enthusiastically under the night outdoor wedding tent. By doing so, you will be able to relax and enjoy the moments without worrying much about having a touch-over, even when the rain falls.

2. Outdoor Marquee:

During rainy seasons, having a night outdoor wedding tent is mandatory not only because it is a place for guests to accommodate while raining, but is also a place to host a combined outdoor and indoor wedding. For example, you can host the main ceremony outdoor, and have small wedding campaigns such as dining, games inside the marquee, where guests can make the most of the intimate ambiance.
A clear wedding tent best complements any wedding theme and also allows to see through the beautiful surroundings. Imagine having warm dining under a clear night outdoor wedding tent, where embraced by the sound of rain and the light from the stars, what a way to honor cherished moments.

3. Outdoor Photobooth:

Not all guests love the rain, but honestly, not all of them would hate it. Thus, setting up an outdoor photobooth would give the most distinctive experience that guests have ever participated in. Not only because it would give the most aesthetic photographs, with the raindrop as the most precious background, it also because the guests, even the bride and groom, can act in the craziest pose they want in these once-and-only lifetime photos.  
Having both a night outdoor wedding tent and an outdoor photobooth at your wedding gives the guests options on how they want to enjoy the ceremony. It can be either staying under the marquee and chilling out with the food and music, or going under the rain to be wildest. Without having the couple worry too much, it’s all up to each individual.

4. Clear Umbrella:

One of the most essential things to prepare for an outdoor wedding in rainy seasons is umbrellas. Preparing these umbrellas and putting them on the table, at the entrance, or at the outdoor wedding tent, where most visible for guests to grab and ready in hand to prevent from being wet.
And having a clear night outdoor wedding tent or clear umbrellas is considered the best option to match any concept of wedding style, even if it is neutral or vibrant, these clear designs make your wedding more elegant. The image of the bride walking into the assembly hall with the clear umbrellas and the rain falls, the fact that not all weddings can experience this scene makes this season most unique and romantic.  

5. Having Plan B

Sometimes, even when you are best prepared for an outdoor wedding during this rainy season, it is nothing wrong if you have the B plan ready also, in case of unforeseen circumstances. Plan B can be either hosting the wedding another day, delaying a couple of hours, or it can be changed the hosting spot, for example, placing inside the night outdoor wedding tent. No matter what, during this vulnerable season, it is always good to have a backup plan for celebrating your outdoor wedding.
In fact, rainy seasons are not preferred by couples to hold their outdoor weddings. However, a stable mentality will help you to look at things from a positive perspective. Rainy seasons visualize the most beautiful image of the ceremony with the contribution of the natural environment such as rain, breeze, cool temperature, and cozy atmosphere. A night outdoor wedding tent helps to accommodate guests, and umbrellas to prevent rain, these essentials when carefully prepared will help to get ready in the best manner for this memorable event. With the long list of work need to prepare, having a professional wedding planner to support is needed, and DNX Wedding is here to best deliver a successful outdoor wedding under any circumstances. With our creativity and professionalism in planning various types of weddings, DNX always takes advantage of the weather and utilizes its beauty to turn your wedding most exclusive and distinctive, when even the rain expresses the romance of your love story.

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