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inspired weddings and events

Let’s discuss together and imagine where your wedding will be held in the future. Feel free to be creative about the style you want to make, be it classic European, rustic traditional Vietnamese, or Sci-fi fantasy. In this article, let’s explore fresh ideas for inspired weddings and events with DNX Wedding.

I. The importance of the inspirations and ideas in weddings and events

Inspiration exists in all areas of life, important in almost every aspect of being human. And the inspirations from weddings and events have a big impact on many people.

inspired weddings and events
Only when inspired can people be creative to develop and achieve their plans. Regarding inspired weddings and events, there are now many unique ideas for couples to refer to for their big day. To shape an idea concept (inspired weddings and events), you should synthesize information into a mood board. All reference information can be found online, in books, magazines, and catalogs about weddings and events. Or in consultation with a wedding planner and event company. These are great resources for you to get ideas for your wedding and event.  Determine the fabric for the wedding dress, the design of the table, or the representative flower that should all be included in the inspiration board. As a result, the two of you will gradually shape from selected elements from different sources.

II. 5 weddings and events will inspire you when hosting a wedding

1. Inspired weddings and events from the beauty of traditional Vietnamese culture.

a. Traditional Vietnamese wedding invitation

The wedding invitation is part of the idea of inspired weddings and events with Vietnamese cultural colors that the queen has planned. Not ordinary cards but card trees, not plain paper but paper cards. Each card is not placed in a traditional envelope, but in a bamboo tube with the logo engraved from the seal.
Especially creating extremely delicate and sharp accents with lotus motifs. The entire wedding card is handmade, so each set of cards has different colors and shades and each bow tied to the card also has its impressive features with inspired weddings and events. It can be said that this is a very interesting and meaningful idea because materials such as paper and bamboo tubes are not only close but also environmentally friendly materials.

b. Traditional Vietnamese concept

Choosing inspired weddings and events with a decoration concept that is both traditional and modern. The wedding space as well as the wedding reception of the bride takes the blue-white tone as the main theme with the main highlight being the pure and gentle lotus flower. The set of teapots and trays ordered separately, also created by the artisans of Bat Trang village, inspired by lotus flowers. The check-in lobby with bamboo tea tables popular in the old folk life creates excitement and brings a lot of emotions to the guests attending.
inspired weddings and events
In 2020, a couple in the capital Hanoi has created a harmonious combination of national tradition and modernity at their wedding ceremony. The concept decoration materials at this wedding are mostly purchased and made by the couple and their relatives. For example, conical hats, lanterns, and bamboo blinds. All are combined with flowers and other materials to create a traditional scene at the couple’s wedding.
The outdoor party space is mixed with modernity but still has a hint of charm, especially from folk materials. Wedding with modern style but still bold traditional Vietnamese folk culture. The wedding is the bridge, the continuity between generations and the beginning of a family, the foundation to transmit the good cultural values of people over time. Therefore, when choosing this traditional cultural concept, the couple and guests will have an unforgettable impression of that big day.

c. Ao Dai - Tradition and innovation

Attending the couple’s wedding, all guests should be encouraged to wear Ao Dai. This is a special highlight with great significance for modern inspired weddings and events. Ao Dai has always been the focus of designers and creators, wedding dress models are innovated and transformed to best suit each wearer’s body shape.

The variety of materials and designs has made Ao Dai a favorite and was chosen by many brides for their wedding day. A traditional wedding ceremony should, of course, be accompanied by traditional costumes, the wedding dress is always a perfect choice in a Vietnamese wedding ceremony.

2. Inspired weddings and events from romantic flowers

If the words ethereal, romantic and dreamy describe your ideal wedding day, the charm and character of flowers will make your wedding fresh and impressive. Romantic bouquets make the couple imagine themselves in the wine country. For any bride who is dreaming of a destination wedding but wonders how you can get all your guests across the ocean in just one weekend. Here’s proof that you can feel the feeling of luxury and fascination right here in the state.
inspired weddings and events
This inspired weddings and events inspired by Pierre-Auguste Renoir’s painting Bouquet of Roses. The overall design is romantic, elegant, and sophisticated with a feeling that is happening in the wine country.
inspired weddings and events
The color and theme of the flowers inspired the whole party. Since the flowers are the focus of the picture, the flowers take center stage on the table. The pair can create an amazing cascading arrangement of colors. For example, roses and daisies with warm yellows, energetic oranges, feminine pinks, and splashes of burgundy.

3. Inspired weddings and events from Van Gogh's masterpiece

a. Starry Night

Taking the image of the moon and water in Van Gogh’s painting ‘Starry Night’ as the main symbol of the two symbolic images associated with the couple’s love. Choosing Vincent Van Gogh’s Starry Night painting as inspired weddings and events for the wedding party, suitable for brides who love art, love to paint. In addition, the image of the moonlight shining brightly and the stars moving in the night sky implies the couple’s desire to touch freedom.
In the stage area, the couple can use the painting Starry Night to decorate. In terms of the message, it shows that in the deep night, the moonlight reflects on the water’s surface forming a happy flow. That flow will support the love boat of the couple to the beautiful marriage door ahead.

b. Yellow and Blue colors

The couple can also use two main colors for wedding inspiration, the brilliant yellow of the full moon and the blue of the water. The image of moonlight and water blends throughout at the wedding party like the way a young couple fills in each other’s shortcomings so that their love becomes as complete as the full moon.
inspired weddings and events
The background photobooth area simulates the cycle of the moon from waning to full, as the couple’s love gradually perfects and becomes full over the years.
inspired weddings and events

4. Inspired weddings and events from tropical style

a. Tropical leaves

If the leaves of temperate trees have a small, coniferous shape, the tropical leaves have a large size with bold colors typical of luxuriant and dense truss forests. Some types of leaves can be mentioned such as palm leaves, spinach leaves, banana leaves, etc. These are all popular accessories used in weddings with natural breaths. 
inspired weddings and events
To organize a cool green-style wedding from tropical leaves, you need to prioritize decorative accessories to bring more green color into the party space. You can even replace the leaves with the fresh flowers that are often seen at weddings so far. This will be a creative and fresh inspired weddings and events for couples who do not like to use too many flowers on their happy day. A typical wedding in Vietnam of streamer Xemesis is a good example of this concept. The background is inspired by tropical forests with the main material being flowers and leaves with striking colors and strong contrasts. Above the ceiling of the wedding theater are flowers with long-lasting freshness. From there, making the space more impressive to welcome guests and chat. The hand-woven rattan material and champagne gold decoration details made the ceremony space more impressive and special.
inspired weddings and events

b. Flamingo - symbol of luck and happiness

You must be familiar with the image of flamingos in animated movies. But have you ever thought of bringing Flamingo’s silhouette to your wedding party? The characteristic of the flamingo is its extremely beautiful red and pink plumage. Flamingo is a symbol of luck and happiness, so the image of cranes is appearing more and more in wedding parties of modern young couples. 
With this wedding inspiration, in addition to the main pink tone, you can combine it with the green tones of palm leaves, the bright yellow of pineapple, and blue to create a vibrant and warm feeling. You should use pink flowers such as orchids, roses, and chrysanthemums… and some colorful tropical fruits such as bananas, papayas, oranges, and watermelons. Dotted with palm leaves, betel nut, and fern is also a good idea to create a fresh, pleasant look, neutralizing the hot color of the fruit.

5. Inspired weddings and events from nature

Couples can use pretty small pots or potted herbs to decorate their party space instead of placing fresh flower pots to avoid causing waste. Because after the wedding is over, the potted plants can continue to grow and grow.
To decorate these inspired weddings and events, the couple can use seasonal domestic flowers available. Therefore, it helps reduce the number of trains and planes transporting flowers imported from abroad. Also, reducing carbon dioxide emissions into the environment.
inspired weddings and events
inspired weddings and events
Take the wedding of Thu and Long, customers at DNX Wedding, as an example. We designed the wedding background with beige, white, and sage green tones, which are colors that represent nature. In front of the sea and sand, the interior atmosphere is delicate and elegant and natural items create an impression for both guests and couples on the big day.
inspired weddings and events

The party table is interspersed with inspiration from bright red and natural green grass near the sea. All enhance the natural look of the party and the setting.


III. DNX Wedding - Inspiration for the fateful wedding and event

Above is the entire inspired weddings and events that DNX Wedding sends to you. Coming to DNX Wedding, with the strength of a dynamic and young team with more than 10 years of experience will make your dream wedding come true. That’s why we always bring new styles and great ideas to young couples at weddings and events.

Are you looking for a wedding or event simply or especially in harmony with your wishes? A variety of inspirations are waiting for you at DNX Wedding.

Some outstanding wedding services at DNX Wedding:

  • Wedding Planning: Planning, designing, and organizing a package wedding.
  • Wedding Decoration: Create ideas and concepts that match the personality and story of the couple to personalize your wedding.
  • Wedding Photography: Pre Wedding photography, wedding reportage, wedding album printing.
  • Wedding Videography: Capture every memorable moment of the most important event in your life.
inspired weddings and events

The entire article above with the main content about the importance and the top 5 inspired weddings and events that you can refer to. Hope the article helps you and do not hesitate to contact us for free advice and support on wedding services!

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