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Talking about organizing a wedding ceremony, besides concept, decorations, script, or venue, live music is something we definitely don’t want to miss out on. While photographers capture memorable moments, live music at the wedding ceremony creates a lively vibe throughout the day. Just like choosing a wedding arch or background, the type of music chosen describes the wedding vibe that the couple wants to represent. 

With a long-standing experience in wedding planning, DNX Wedding has a wide network of live music bands that consist of professional musicians, and it is our priority to equip suitable wedding services based on guests’ preferences. Therefore, in this blog, we have collected the most popular types of live music at wedding ceremony that you should consider.

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Violin is considered one of the most traditional types of live music at wedding ceremony. It is usually played by string quarters, a group of two violinists, a violist, and a cellist. The stand-out advantage this type of music offers is the variety of repertoire. String quarters can either make your ceremony into a little Mozart live concert with a contemporary and classic repertoire, on the other hand, turning those trendy pop-style songs into unique violin melodies that guests can rarely experience anywhere else. Romantic, stylish, yet sophisticated words accurately describe the vibes of this live music at wedding ceremony.


Piano is the type of live music that guests have experienced at least once when attending a wedding. Whether your requested wedding playlist is about popular songs, film music, show tunes, classical, or jazz, eventually, piano has its own exceptional way of recreating the rhythms. Additionally, because piano is so widely used, there are countless song resources available that help to accommodate any musical preferences. Thus, this type of music strengthens in creating subtle, romantic, or versatile vibes with an enjoyable atmosphere, where guests can spend special moments with live music at wedding ceremony.


Soft, background jazz is the perfect first impression to greet your guests while holding a glass of champagne as they enter the venue. Imagine when the bride walks down the aisle with the melodious rhythm of jazz playing, a sophisticated moment most girls wish for. Therefore, it is no surprise that jazz is considered a standard option for live wedding music.

Compares to violin, jazz does not have an advantage in recreating pop-style melodies, however, its unique vibe makes it an ideal option when it comes to choosing live music at wedding ceremony. 


Vibrant live music at wedding ceremony will need a lot of contribution from the melody of the guitar. This type of live music is a combination of both modern pop genres and the classical elegance of the harp or string quartet.

The various type of guitars such as Nylon String Guitar, Steel String Acoustic, Electric Guitar, and Ukulele support bringing different vibes to the wedding ceremony, specializing in Italian Music or Country/ Folk Styles.

When should music be played at your wedding ceremony?

Live music at wedding ceremony is expected to play all day long, however, there are periods where the music should be customized to highlight the important moments:

  • While waiting for the arrival of the bride. 
  • While the bride is walking down the aisle.
  • While the bride and the groom state the vows.
  • While the bride and the groom depart.

Does wedding ceremony need vocalists?

It’s suggested to have a vocalist or a singer promoting the live music at the wedding ceremony. With the tone and the mood expresses through their incredible voice, the wedding singer adds a lively spirit to your wedding, where most sound systems cannot be done. 

These experts can help to adjust the atmosphere of your wedding, from lively to soft, all can be qualified based on their professional skills. Especially, when having the support of live music at the wedding ceremony, these singers will make your important more memorable than ever.

To sum up, piano, violin, guitar, and jazz are the most popular live music at wedding ceremonies. Whether your favorite musical repertoires are classic and contemporary, or trendy upbeat pop music, the traditional music types have their own unique way to recreate the melody. Remember, live music plays an essential part in vibing up your ceremony and highlights key moments to make it extraordinary. Therefore, you have to identify the vibes and the tone of the wedding you want to represent, and then choose the suitable live music types to make your wedding ceremony stand out.

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