Wedding planner fee in Da Nang in 2023 – All you need to know

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wedding planner fee in da nang

In this article, we will discuss everything you need to know about wedding planner fee in Da Nang.

Organizing a wedding can be an overwhelming task, especially if you don’t have experience or expertise in planning events. That’s why many couples opt for hiring a professional wedding planner to help them with the process. However, one of the concerns that often arise when considering hiring a wedding planner is the fee.

What is a Wedding Planner?

wedding planner da nang

A wedding planner is a professional who specializes in organizing and coordinating weddings. They work with couples to plan every aspect of their wedding, from choosing a venue to selecting vendors and creating a timeline for the event.

How Much Does a Wedding Planner Cost in Da Nang?

wedding planner da nang

The cost of hiring a wedding planner in Da Nang varies depending on several factors. Some of the factors that affect the fee include:

Experience and Expertise

Experienced and highly rated wedding planners typically charge more than those who are just starting in the industry. This is because they have a proven track record of delivering successful weddings and have built a stronger reputation.

Services Offered

Wedding planners may offer different packages with varying levels of services. Some may offer full-service planning, while others may only assist with specific aspects of the wedding planning process, such as vendor coordination or day-of coordination.

Size and Complexity of the Wedding

The size and complexity of the wedding also impact the fee charged by the wedding planner. A larger and more elaborate wedding requires more time and effort to organize, which translates to a higher fee.


The location of the wedding also affects the fee. Weddings held in popular destinations like Da Nang may have higher fees due to the high demand for wedding planning services in the area.

According to our research, the average fee for a wedding planner in Da Nang ranges from US$1,500 to USD$4,000. However, fees can go up to US$5,000 for more elaborate and complex weddings.

Case Studies: Wedding Planner Fee in Da Nang

To give you a better idea of wedding planner fees in Da Nang, we’ve compiled a few case studies:

Case Study 1: Small or Intimate Wedding with Basic Services

All You Need to Know About Wedding Planner Fee in Da Nang

A couple is planning a small wedding with 50 guests and would like assistance with vendor coordination, timeline creation, and day-of coordination. They hire a wedding planner who offers basic services for around $1,500-3,000.

Case Study 2: Medium-Sized Wedding with Full-Service Planning

wedding planner da nang

A couple is planning a medium-sized wedding with 150 guests and wants full-service planning, including vendor selection, design, and coordination. They hire an experienced wedding planner with a strong reputation for $2,500-4,000.

wedding planner da nang

Case Study 3: Large-Scale Destination Wedding

A couple is planning a destination wedding in Da Nang with 300 guests and wants a lavish and intricate event with custom decor, entertainment, and cuisine. They hire a well-known celebrity wedding planner for a fee of up to $5000.

All You Need to Know About Wedding Planner Fee in Da Nang

Advice: Wedding Planner Fee in Da Nang

When choosing a wedding planner, it’s essential to consider your budget, the services you need, and the experience and expertise of the planner. Here are some tips to help you choose the right wedding planner for your needs:

Set a Realistic Budget

Before you start searching for a wedding planner, set a realistic budget based on your financial situation. This will help you narrow down your search and avoid overspending.

Research and Compare Wedding Planners

Do thorough research and compare the fees and services offered by different wedding planners. Look at their portfolios and reviews from past clients to get a sense of their work style and quality.

Ask Questions

Don’t be afraid to ask questions during the consultation process. Ask about their experience, services offered, and any additional fees not included in their package.

Sign a Contract

Once you have chosen a wedding planner, make sure to sign a contract that outlines the scope of services, fee structure, and payment terms. This will prevent any misunderstandings and ensure that both parties are on the same page.


Hiring a wedding planner can make your big day less stressful and more enjoyable, but it’s essential to consider the cost. Wedding planner fees in Da Nang vary depending on several factors, including experience, services offered, size and complexity of the wedding, and location. By doing thorough research, comparing fees and services, and asking questions during consultation, you can find the right wedding planner within your budget. Remember to sign a contract to avoid any misunderstandings.

About DNX Wedding Planner

DNX Wedding Planner is a wedding planning company based in Da Nang, Vietnam. They offer a full range of wedding planning services, from venue selection and catering to décor and entertainment. DNX Wedding Planner has a team of experienced wedding planners who are dedicated to helping couples create their dream weddings.

Here are some of the services that DNX Wedding Planner offers:

  • Venue selection and coordination
  • Catering and beverage planning
  • Décor and floral design
  • Wedding photography and videography
  • Entertainment
  • Transportation and accommodations
  • Wedding day coordination
  • Vendor management
  • Budgeting and planning

DNX Wedding Planner is committed to providing couples with a stress-free and enjoyable wedding planning experience. They work closely with couples to understand their vision for their wedding and then create a plan that meets their needs and budget. DNX Wedding Planner is also known for their attention to detail and their ability to execute even the most complex wedding plans.

Here are some of the reviews of DNX Wedding Planner from Bridestory:

  • “DNX Wedding Planner was amazing! They were so helpful and organized, and they made sure that our wedding day was perfect.” – Emma and Darryl
  • “We couldn’t have asked for a better wedding planner. DNX Wedding Planner was always available to answer our questions and they made sure that everything ran smoothly on our wedding day.” – John and Mary
  • “DNX Wedding Planner was truly a dream come true. They took care of everything so that we could relax and enjoy our wedding day.” – Jennifer and Michael

If you are interested in learning more about DNX Wedding Planner, you can contact below information:

  • Address: 57/1 Nguyen Huu Tho, Danang, Vietnam
  • Phone/Whatsapp: +84.388.33.36.39
  • Email:
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