5 Exciting Wedding Trends That Will Bloom 2024

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2024 wedding trends

Besides the usual traditional wedding trends, modern wedding trends will begin to bloom in 2024 which are 2024 wedding trends. And what wedding trends will be crowned in 2024? Let’s predict and choose the wedding trend that’s right for you with DNX Wedding below!

After the 2020-2021 pandemic, many changes have taken place, in which the wedding trend has also been affected and changed a lot. Online weddings and compact weddings are chosen by many people. So in 2024, when everything is stable, which wedding trend will be chosen by many couples? Let’s explore right here.

5 exciting 2024 wedding trends

Minimalist wedding

A minimalist wedding is similar if you have heard of a minimalist lifestyle. This is a wedding organized in a way that cuts down on rituals, bridesmaids, and wedding supplies to simplify the wedding ceremony.

Accordingly, the traditional rites will be combined into one session: meeting the alley, and asking and welcoming the bride. The minimalist wedding trend also includes the bride’s and groom’s outfits; at the same time minimalist in terms of decoration, using silk flowers instead of fresh flowers…

2024 wedding trends
2024 wedding trends
2024 wedding trends

Although minimalist wedding is not a new wedding trend, because, in recent years, many couples have known about and chosen it. But this is still considered an indispensable wedding style in the 2024 wedding trends.

Colorful wedding cake

Don’t like the traditional classic white, vanilla wedding cake? Many couples these days think outside the box and challenge themselves to design something new and exciting for their big day.
2024 wedding trends

Wedding cake with trendy color combinations, but still impress everyone! Some of the most popular colors are pastel, pastel pink, navy blue, burgundy, and anything dusty – dusty pink, dusty, orange, dusty blue, and ivory. We can bring these colors to the frosting more or less. We can use these in flowers or cake tops. If you want a variety of colors, you can tell the baker!

Eco-friendly wedding

After the minimalist lifestyle, the “Eco-Friendly” lifestyle is a lifestyle that is blooming. This lifestyle is also used in organizing weddings that are loved by many couples.

The “green” weddings are usually held in a natural, green space of plants and flowers. The outdoor spaces already have a beautiful landscape, so there is no need to decorate or arrange too much. This also helps the bride and groom save a part of the cost.

2024 wedding trends

In addition, you should limit the use of decorative materials with non-biodegradable materials such as plastic, foam, or nylon. Instead, you can decorate with plants, hang glass bridges on the ceiling or wedding flower arches, use bamboo and rattan, and set up a self-service drink counter to reduce the number of cans and bottles used.

The Earth always needs to be loved and cared for. In the past few years, the inhabitants of the world have been horrified to witness many forest fires, air pollution, and an increase in garbage overload day by day. Therefore, a wedding with a natural style not only brings a sense of peace to the guests but also implicitly conveys a meaningful message about protecting the environment with 2024 wedding trends.

Small bouquet

According to Pinterest Trends, users are looking for petite bridal bouquets in place of the wild, rich arrangements we’ve seen in previous years. These luxurious hand-held bouquets are made up of pretty flowers, like lily, lilac, astilbe, and lavender. And although the cut flowers look elegant, they are also very practical.

Neutral wedding color palettes

For instance, posy bouquets are a classic choice for brides. They’re perfect for petite brides, bridesmaids, and flower girls as it is a smaller bouquet. This type of style consists of a small round bouquet that is tied with a decorative ribbon and is easy to hold in one hand.

Natural-looking photos

Photography styles, like most everything in the wedding industry, are greatly affected by trends. Back in the days before Pinterest, everyone adored the aesthetic of sepia-toned images and unusual angles.

After a few years, it appears that we all moved on to the “bright and airy” style of photography, emphasizing natural soft lighting and lots of positions.


However, the most recent period of wedding photography is all about candid shots and natural light. This style, often known as editorial or documentary photography, avoids postures and concentrates on flaws. Couples are less concerned with having everything look flawless and are more interested in having their photographers capture the day with minimum guidance or interruptions.

Notes for 2024 wedding trends

Before the wedding

Careful and thoughtful preparation before the wedding party takes place will help you proactively organize the wedding party better, ready to accept good things and unexpected incidents in the 2024 wedding trends party. Let’s take a look at the tips before organizing the wedding party below.



The bride and groom can discuss how much the budget of the two of you wants to pay for a specific 2024 wedding trends, whether you intend to borrow more to prepare for the wedding or not, and whether your families will support you. extra help. When there is a specific number, the next stages of preparation will be easier, sticking to and balanced according to the initial set budget.

At DNX Wedding, we support package consulting with great incentives at extremely affordable prices. You can negotiate to come to the optimal decision with your budget!


Closing the number of guests will help you figure out how to choose the right venue for your 2024 wedding trends. If the guests are moderate, you can choose a close and cozy venue. With a large number of guests, you should consider choosing a spacious and airy venue such as a large event center or outdoor party.

2024 wedding trends


One of the notes when organizing the first wedding that couples should remember is to choose a location as close and convenient as possible. You should search for and prioritize wedding venues close to your home, convenient for you, your family as well as the majority of guests. If you live in big cities and often experience traffic jams, you should also consider a convenient location for commuting.

Destination weddings for 100 guests

Some ideal locations for destination wedding you should consider: Why Danang city is an idea location for your destination wedding?

Necessary documents

Depending on the regulations of each different venue, you may have to prepare different types of documents and procedures for 2024 wedding trends. For example, procedural documents such as citizen identification; identity card, and marriage certificate… may need to deposit a part of the money in advance.


Taking into account weather issues is an important note when organizing a wedding that many couples easily “forget”. The weather situation will greatly affect how guests feel about the wedding party. Therefore, if it is too hot, the party room needs to be fully equipped with fans and air conditioners. If the 2024 wedding trends are held in the winter, the party room needs to be discreet and warm. Or if it rains, the plan to organize an outdoor wedding party should have reasonable measures to shield the rain or move the wedding party into an indoor space…

Wedding invitation

You should choose and order your wedding cards early to be proactive and to limit risks such as printing the invitation, not in time, or making mistakes in the printing process.

After printing the invitation, you need to complete the guest registration and send the invitation card at least 1 week before the time of the wedding party. You should also note that you should not send invitations too early as 2-3 weeks or earlier because it will be difficult for guests to remember your schedule.

2024 wedding trends


Wedding costumes of the bride, groom, bridesmaids, and groomsmen all need to ensure the appropriate elements and the necessary formality. Especially when choosing costumes, couples need to pay attention to the time of the wedding party. If the wedding party is held in the hot season, you should choose outfits from thin, sweat-absorbent materials, neatly designed; In the cold season, you need to pay attention to choosing warm enough clothes and choose more coats for the bride and bridesmaids.

During the wedding

Your 2024 wedding trends guests will have many different groups of guests. For each group of guests, you should consider a reasonable host

Maintaining a happy mood is something that couples need to pay special attention to when organizing a wedding party. You should think of your wedding party with joy, hope, and happiness. Always keeping cheerfulness and smile will help your wedding party become a beautiful and memorable memory not only for you, your family but also for the guests.

Wedding planning

The work in the 2024 wedding trends party can be mentioned as receiving guests; preparing music, clips to play at the wedding… The logistics will help your wedding party take place more fully and happily. Ask your close friends to take care of these tasks.

After the wedding

Sending thanks – After the wedding party is over, it is not time for the bride and groom to relax. When the wedding party is almost over, you and the bride’s parents and groom can stand at the entrance to say goodbye and thank the guests for coming to the party.

After the wedding party, with the elders in the family, the two of you should go to the house to thank and report the joy. With friends and colleagues, you can bring gifts of fruits and candies to the company for everyone to have fun together.

Share photos – You can post some of your 2024 wedding trends photos on social networks like Facebook, and Instagram to keep memorable moments and send thanks to relatives and friends. This is also a way for you to announce that you are both married.

Relax and enjoy – After a long time of worrying about preparing for the wedding party, now you have fully organized a memorable event of your life. The two of you should take time to rest, relax and enjoy after the wedding party is over.

DNX Wedding

DNX Wedding is proud to be the leading business in consulting and organizing the fateful wedding for your couple. We have a professional team and impressive ideas about future 2024 wedding trends will make you as satisfied as possible.

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