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Destination weddings for 100 guests

Have you ever pictured your wedding taking place in a lavishly adorned venue and in a scene straight out of a dream? Finding the ideal intercontinental venue wedding that will produce memorable moments, fit within your budget, and match your taste can be challenging because there seems to be an endless list of wedding and conference venues.

Fortunately, the article on DNX Wedding that follows will assist you in constructing a list of the top ten sustainable wedding venues in Danang.

1. InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort

Maybe we’ve all fantasized about having a fairy-tale wedding in a lovely setting. The Son Tra peninsula, also called the “tropical paradise,” is where the InterContinental Danang is situated. This will make a striking background image for a joyful couple’s day.

One of Da nang’s biggest and most opulent intercontinental venue weddings is the InterContinental Danang Sun Peninsula Resort. Traditional architecture combined with Bill Bensley’s luxurious style. The couple’s special day will be made more complete at this location.


Address: Bai Bac, Son Tra peninsula, Danang

Phone: 0236 3938 888





2. Four Season Restaurant The Nam Hai

Take your first steps beneath the floral arches at what Forbes dubbed one of the most beautiful beaches in the world to start your new happy chapters with a stunning wedding ceremony.

From a romantic “receiving the bride” ceremonial to floating over a lotus-dotted lake in a flower-strewn basket boat, add some local flavor to your special day. Elegant beachfront pools, fragrant tropical gardens, and Phong Thuy (Feng Shui) influenced architecture provide the atmosphere for the most romantic weddings at Four Seasons Resort The Nam Hai, which is conveniently reachable from major regional gateway cities.

Beautiful locations to mark with vintage photographs can be found along winding paths through lush gardens. When the sun sets, the lit lanterns transform the area into a fanciful seaside setting. A bedside eggshell lacquer bath, knitted mesh, and a lavish outdoor shower inside the villa add to its romantic atmosphere. Spend more time together after the wedding by going on a honeymoon, exploring the UNESCO-listed town of Hoi An, and enjoying romantic dinners by the sea. Trust us to brighten and de-stress your day while your committed wedding professional attends to every detail.


Address: Block Ha My, Dong B, Dien Ban District, Quant Nam Province

Phone: 0235 3940 000


3. Shilla Monogram Quang Nam Danang

As a DNX Wedding’s venue vendor, Shilla is one of the best places for couples to have their big day. Especially, with the experience and collaboration of DNX and Shilla, DNX Wedding planned and operated the memorable wedding of Mrs.Thu and Mr.Long who are actually satisfied with our services.
Destination weddings for 100 guests

The opulent resort is tucked away on Vietnam’s central coast, hiding among the country’s abundant natural beauty. New amenities, a distinct culinary approach, and a variety of activities for party guests.


Address: Lac Long Quan Street, Dien Ngoc, Dien Ban District, Quang Nam Province

Phone: 0235 6250 088


4. Premier Village Danang

In latest days, many couples have made the decision to have a fairytale wedding on a length of pure white sand along a blue sea. AccorHotels’ Premier Village Danang Resort is situated on the stunning My Khe beach. It is well known that this resort has been named the “World’s Leading Family Villa Resort 2019” by the World Travel Awards.

The most popular option today for couples who value romance is an outdoor wedding. The wedding at Premier Village Danang will take place on the sand or in a lush garden. The important moment of the bride and groom was witnessed by the guests, who also got to enjoy the ideal outdoor setting.

In addition to having wonderful soft surroundings, Premier Village Danang Resort also employs skilled workers. Wedding equipment is ready, and beach weddings or garden weddings are expertly planned. The bride and groom can reserve a large menu in advance at the resort. The best chefs will personally choose and make delectable dishes in accordance with these specifications.


Address: 99 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang city

Phone: 0236 3919 999

5. Hyatt Regency Danang Resort and Spa

Hyatt Regency Danang is situated on the seaside, embracing the salty wind from the deep blue ocean, when the mild weather emits dew on the green grass and the warm sun shines on the trees. The early spring wedding of the couple was wonderful.

Not just young people in Danang, but devoted couples from all over the world can warmly welcome family and friends to the lovely coastal city on their special day. With a priceless Christmas, happy new year. You can choose the Regency Ballroom for a magnificent and opulent wedding or one of the two lovely gardens of the two oceanfront restaurants Pool House and Beach House for an outside ceremony.


Address: 5 Truong Sa Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang City

Phone: 0236 3981 234

6. Pullman Danang Beach Resort

The gentleness of Da Nang beach, along with the white sand beach, green coconut canopy, whispering wind, and other natural elements, will make for an ideal backdrop for the sweet and enchanting love stories of the couples who will be paired up on the big day.

There is a stunning and exceptional site for each Pullman hotel in the world. The Pullman Danang Beach Resort is happy to provide romantic moments for a special couple’s day because it is situated directly on the Bac My An coastline. A popular spot for weekend getaways is Vietnam’s central coast, which has a lengthy stretch of fine white sand.


The logistics team behind the event is crucial to its success. When guests arrive at Pullman Danang Beach Resort, the event team is always eager to offer suggestions and support from the beginning of the party until its conclusion. from beginning to end, so that you can design a special wedding day in the tranquil setting of nature at the hotel.


Address: 101 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang City

Phone: 0236 3958 888

Website : 

7. Furama Resort Danang

The wedding will take place on one of the world’s six most beautiful beaches in a fairytale-inspired setting at Furama Resort Danang, bringing tropical flavor to your imagination with a cozy, airy environment and perhaps some sunshine.
Furama Resort Danang, which fronts Da Nang’s white sand beach, is the starting point for 3 global cultural heritages: Hoi An (20 minutes), My Son (90 minutes), and Hue (2 hours). Furama is a gastronomic beach resort in Vietnam, tastefully furnished in traditional Vietnamese design and French colonial architecture.

Outdoor areas on the beach or by the lagoon in the center of the thick rainforest, are loaded with air, water, and light with all kinds of original creative ideas and unique themed events, especially outdoor weddings nirvana at Furama. The weird rhythmic harmony between two hearts has stoked the flame of love.


Address: 105 Vo Nguyen Giap Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang City

Phone: 0236 3847 333

Website :

8. Naman Retreat

Whether you desire a romantic party by the sea, or gorgeous in the garden, by the pool and the coconut trees swaying in the wind, or simply a cozy, intimate night indoors, all are available at Naman Retreat. Possessing a variety of flexible party venues, Naman Retreat offers an experience closest to the wedding of your dreams.
Naman Retreat has a distinctive contemporary Vietnamese architectural style and is situated next to one of the world’s most charming beaches. That has an impact on the weddings that are held here. The services at Naman Retreat are always provided with care and attention to every detail because we understand your stress and anxiety on the most important day of your life. You select the requirements for everything, including the type of decorations, the dominant color, the preferred flowers, the party meal, and the event planner.

9. Melia Danang Beach Resort


With a distinctive design that combines modern and traditional elements from Asia, Meliá Danang Resort is situated in a perfect location on the lovely Non Nuoc beach, far from Cham island and Son Tra peninsula. From above, the resort appears to be a boat facing the sea that is peacefully anchored on the pristine sand. The 370m of secluded coastline and the beautiful natural surroundings will make the perfect backdrop for your vow-exchanging ceremony. After the wedding ceremony, you can stay here and spend your honeymoon, explore Danang with your partner, or travel another 30 minutes by car to the ancient town of Hoi An.


Address: Truong Sa Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang City

Phone: 0236 3959 888

Website : 

10. Sheraton Danang

Sheraton Grand Danang Resort can perfectly accommodate your wedding day, whether you want it to happen in a cozy, luxurious setting or on a beach with white sand, blue water, and sunshine. Yours will be flawless and unforgettable.

The most opulent 5-star hotel, Sheraton Grand Danang Resort, is situated on the shore of Non Nuoc Beach, Truong Sa Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang City, with a total area of up to 17.3ha. Sheraton Grand Danang Resort is situated on a stunning white sand beach and adjacent to global cultural heritage sites like Ancient Town, and it is only 20 minutes by car from Da Nang International Airport, the historic city of Hue. The Sheraton Grand Danang Resort, in particular, has the 250-meter-long infinity pool in Danang that extends from the reception building to the beach. Additionally, there are 258 rooms with views of the Son Tra peninsula, the sea, and the infinity pool.

One of the attractions to couples opting to get married at the Sheraton Grand Danang Resort is that, if you want to have a lavish wedding inside, the Grand Ballroom provides a space of up to 1,267m2. If you want an outdoor wedding by the sea, there is also a white sand beach with a beautiful backdrop that is ideal for a wedding ceremony.


Address: 35 Truong Sa Street, Ngu Hanh Son District, Danang City

Phone: 0236 3988 999

Website : 

DNX Wedding Planner – A sustainable wedding venues coordinator

The luxury of the resorts underpin a perfect wedding and lasting marriage. You have in hand a list of 10 locations for weddings across the continent, choosing the most suitable location should go with a wedding planner who has experience in cooperating with that location. DNX Wedding has many years of experience in the wedding industry and working with many venue suppliers will be a “good candidate” for you.


DNX Wedding is a subsidiary of DNX specializing in wedding planning and coordination to provide, supervise, and manage all the details of a comprehensive wedding plan.

  • Wedding planning: Our team will help you plan and organize your biggest event from A to Z
  • Wedding decoration: We consult the ideas and concepts that match your unique personality, and story and transform them into reality by supervising the on-site decoration activities.
  • Wedding photography/videography: Capturing the unforgettable moments of your once-in-a-lifetime event is indispensable with the professionalism of our Photo/Filming Crew.

Contact information

DNX team is always ready to support and advise you when it comes to wedding services. Please contact DNX Wedding according to the information below if your business is in need of advice.

Contact information:


Headquarters: 57/1B Nguyen Huu Tho, Danang, Vietnam

HCMC Branch: 220/1 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Ward 21, Binh Thanh District, Danang

Hotline/Whatsapp: +84.388.33.36.39


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