How to choose a right wedding photographer in Danang?

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“Find someone who has the same kind of energy as you.”

Any couple wants a perfect wedding day as a momentous occasion. A wedding day must be one of the most unforgettable days because it is a major turning point in your life.

You need to reminisce about your vows, the kiss, the smile, the first dance, the confetti’s been swept away and the last of the wedding cake has been eaten. Every moment of this has to be documented in tangible memories. To make your magnificent moments into tangible memories, you need to hire a wedding photographer who fits your expected style, your budget, and your personality.

Choosing a wedding photographer that you completely trust and get along with is not easy. You must make sure that you vibe with them, that they make you happy and can put you at ease.

You have to acknowledge that various photographers have different shooting styles, editing styles, personalities, and experiences. There are many choices for you to pick the most suitable one.

To help brides and grooms choose the right professional for their wedding day, Danang-based DNX Wedding is sharing 5 tips for couples looking to opt for a prospective wedding photographer for their special day.

Hopefully, these tips will help you make the right decision! Read below for our advice.

Set a budget

Wedding film in danang

View wedding photography as an investment. Your wedding might last a day or a weekend, but you’ll have these photographs forever. They’re going to live on the walls of your home, and you’ll return to them whenever you’re feeling nostalgic about the day.

Therefore, allocating a major amount of your overall budget to photography is logical. Most couples spend between 8 and 15% of their total money on this.

Decide what photography style you like best

Wedding Budget
Wedding Budget
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Each photographer has his or her own distinct style, which is reflected in the photographer’s portfolio of work.

Before you choose a photographer, get into research mode.

At this point, you’ll start to notice how many distinct types of wedding photography there are at this point: fine art (dreamy, reminiscent of fashion magazine editorials), documentary (candid, off-the-cuff), conventional, modern…

When you’re looking at a photographer’s photos, it doesn’t matter if you don’t know what style you’re looking for, all you need to ask yourself is, do you like their work?

Create a shot list


The next step is to make a list of wedding photographers who you like most. In this step, there is something you have to know:

  • Are they available on your wedding date?
  • Do they get accustomed to Danang geography?
  • Do they know the breathtaking sceneries in Danang?
  • Can you afford them?

You need to know whether the photography fee offered by the wedding photographer is in your calculated budget and whether they are available on your big day or not.

You can contact them for the question, once you’ve received responses from a few photographers, you can choose the right one.

If no one can fit you, just go back to the first step, simply repeat the process with another one or two photographers until you have a clear favorite.

Meeting a wedding photographer

Build a rapport with wedding photographer

When you choose the most suitable photographer for you, don’t hesitate to set an in-person meeting and have a chinwag with him. In this process, you and your photographer have a chance to build a rapport.

When chatting to your photographer, give them lots of information about the style and vibe of your day. This will give everyone a sense of whether or not it’s a good match.

This is also a good opportunity to ask your photographer about themselves, and how they like to work on the day.

Discuss a fee with wedding photographer

The old saying “you get what you pay for” generally applies to wedding photographers, and the price for full-day coverage is wide-ranging. When meeting with photographers you are interested in, be sure to find the answers to the following questions before negotiating the fee:

  • How many images are generally shot versus how many are delivered in the end?
  • What is the average turnaround time to receive photos after post-production?
  • Does the photographer offer backup equipment, file storage, and album production?
  • What is the rate should the day go into overtime?

Schedule a test run

If you’re feeling nervous about the day you get photo-taking, we recommend booking a test run ahead of your wedding date. Not only will it give you some gorgeous engagement photos, but it’ll also give you more time to bond with your photographer.

When you and a photographer have a bonding relationship with each other, they will be better at capturing your emotions better—your love, joy, and calm. Years from now, your images will be all you have to relive and reflect on the emotions on your big day, and you’ll be grateful to spend the money on a photographer.

DNX wedding - expert in wedding photography, VIDEO PHOTOGRAPHY and planinng

Wedding planner in Da Nang

In addition to the photographer, you also need a wedding planner, wedding designer, and videographer…

To save money and time, you can also hire a team to help you with everything during your holidays. DNX Wedding can do that.

Established in 2012, DNX Wedding is a subsidiary of DNX specializing in wedding planning and coordination to provide, supervise and manage all the details of a comprehensive wedding plan.

  • Wedding planning: Our team will help you plan and organize your biggest event from A to Z
  • Wedding decoration: We consult the ideas and concepts that match your unique personality, and story and transform them into reality by supervising the on-site decoration activities.
  • Wedding photography/videography: Capturing the unforgettable moments of your once-in-a-lifetime event is indispensable with the professionalism of our Photo/Filming Crew.

DNX team is always ready to support and advise you when it comes to wedding services. Please contact DNX Wedding according to the information below if your business is in need of advice.

Headquarter: 04 Bau Tram 3, Khue Trung Ward, Cam Le District, Danang
HCMC Branch: 220/1 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Ward 21, Binh Thanh District, Danang
Hotline: 0783.788.789
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