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Choosing to use a package wedding consultation service will give couples a perfect wedding, saving time, effort and cost. The bride and groom just need to safely enjoy the happy moments of the big day without having to worry too much about the preparation and organization of the wedding party. Let’s follow the article below with DNX Wedding to better understand this topic.

I. The meaning of wedding consultation

The term ‘wedding consultation’ includes more detailed focused processes, such as advising a couple to choose a wedding venue, choose an outfit, and set a budget that suits the number of guests. This term is more about consulting, so wedding consultation can be considered as an important process in the chain of a wedding planner, an important link to help the process of making the wedding complete.
wedding consultation

II. Why do you need the wedding consultation service?

The wedding consultation is known as the process of “creating happiness” because it plays a particularly important role in organizing weddings for couples.

1. Advise the bride and groom to understand more about the wedding venue

Wedding experts will advise the bride and groom to choose the most suitable wedding space. It can be an organization at home, an organization outside a restaurant, a beach, a resort, etc. And sometimes the barrier of geographical distance will make it difficult for the bride and groom’s family. At that time, looking for wedding planners is a great choice.
Outstanding example from our company’s couple: Thu and Long. A perfect dream wedding is held at Shilla Monogram Quang Nam Da Nang. We have professionally planned, consulted, and designed weddings. With a white background, sage, and pink colors symbolize pure beauty and healing. Dotted with flowers matches the beach town scene.

2. Guide the style of wedding organization

Each era, trend, and style of wedding organization will be different, so the wedding planner will be the one who knows best to help choose the right style. In addition, factors such as the love story of the bride and groom, the meaningful message that the couple wants to convey, etc. can also affect the organizational style, and wedding professionals can help with this.
Back to the couple Thu and Long, DNX Wedding has consulted and designed the wedding theme with the main colors Beige, White, and Sage Green. The highlight that cannot be ignored is the wedding arch added with dried cotton grass and the blooming of sparkling pink roses. To increase the specialty and elegance, we chose the wedding venue at Shilla Monogram Da Nang with a green lawn and pink pampas grass to make the ceremony more prominent and impressive to the attendees.
inspired weddings and events

3. Realizing ideas, being a solid rear for the bride and groom

Giving up great and unique ideas but not finding people to understand and realize them is something that brides and grooms often worry about. And now, when the wedding consultant service develops, wedding experts will be the ones to help make fairy dreams come true.
At Thu and Long’s wedding, our team was there early in the morning to prepare everything to go smoothly. DNX Wedding had support and take care of the couple and all guests thoughtfully, and carefully with costumes, makeup, reception, and photography.
wedding consultation
In addition, we also design mini-games for couples and guests to increase the fun at the party. Thanks to the game, the couple and the guests have increased their connection and understand each other better. From there, make the party atmosphere cozier.
wedding consultation
The couple Thu and Long had a very memorable wedding in their lives with carefully prepared details from every stage, capturing all the happy moments that will be remembered forever.

4. Limit incidents

Taking care of the wedding by yourself easily leads to mistakes because the amount of work is too large to take on at the same time. Many couples have fallen into a difficult situation when organizing an easy kiss, causing displeasure with relatives and guests at the party. Meanwhile, if you choose a wedding planning service, these situations rarely happen.
Because of their expertise and experience, all units have a process that includes a full set of steps. The team of wedding consultation who take care of each stage, helping the bride and groom have a complete wedding, without worrying about omissions or unfortunate incidents. Marriage is an important event in everyone’s life, so everyone wants to have the most perfect wedding. However, if you do not have time to prepare your own wedding party, then professional wedding consultation and wedding planning services are the most suitable option. This is a solution to save money and effort for couples.

III. Three tasks of the wedding consultation company

1. Consulting and contributing ideas for couples' weddings

Before implementation, the wedding consultation team will need to have an interview with the bride and groom to grasp the wishes and ideas that they give for the wedding ceremony. Based on that, they will build up new, modern and unique ideas and advise the bride and groom.
wedding consultation
In addition, the wedding consultation service company is also knowledgeable about service prices and advises the bride and groom to choose the most suitable service packages for their needs. Because the wedding consultation company has cooperated with many different wedding service providers, they will help you connect with reputable and quality service parties. Besides, consulting companies also often have agreements and cooperation with service parties, so the couple will be able to receive very good incentives. Furthermore, the wedding consultation company always has a ready-to-do list (Wedding Planning Checklist) to prepare for the wedding in chronological order. Due to having had many weddings experience, they will know what to prioritize first and what can be done later to ensure the completion of the work.

2. Make a detailed plan for the wedding schedule

After discussing and agreeing on the idea, the wedding consultation service company will conduct specific planning and arrange a professional route for the couple’s wedding.
wedding consultation

They will create a list of tasks from A – Z, the necessary items, and decorations for this great event. They not only bring services and are the organizers of the event, but they are also very dynamic, funny, and a great assistants to help couples have a perfect and wonderful wedding ceremony in life.

With the strength of having organized many wedding parties and experience in contact with different forms and styles of organization, the wedding consultation company can contribute more new ideas for you to create a wedding both trendy and unique, bearing the style of the bride and groom.

Moreover, the wedding consultation company will also plan in detail for each specific job in the wedding, set a clear timeline, and assign responsibilities and tasks to each person in the team to ensure the wedding preparation is done perfectly.

3. Closely monitor and manage work progress and work quality

As wedding professionals, the wedding consultation team also must closely monitor the progress of the event. Because it is a wedding ceremony, everything needs to be done properly, without delay, and at the same time, quality must be ensured.
Normally, without the support of wedding consultation services, the work can be messy, take time to prepare, and everyone in the family will have a hard time, even falling into a state of anxiety and insecurity. Therefore, using a wedding consultation service to organize a wedding is a way to reduce the burden on the bride, groom as well as their families.

IV. DNX Wedding - Comprehensive wedding consultation service in Da Nang

wedding photography

Above that is the whole meaning as well as why we should use wedding consulting services with accompanying benefits. If you need wedding consultation and wedding planning services, do not hesitate to contact DNX Wedding.

As one of the leading package wedding planners in Danang, DNX Wedding’s mission is to make your dream wedding a reality through wedding planning services (Wedding Planning), Wedding decoration, and wedding photography and videography (Wedding Photography, Videography). With more than 12 years of experience in the industry and more than 300 selected couples, DNX Wedding wishes to create a unique wedding where every idea and decoration tells the romantic love story of the bride and groom.

Some outstanding wedding services at DNX Wedding:

  • Wedding Planning: Planning, designing, and organizing a package wedding.
  • Wedding Decoration: Create ideas and concepts that match the personality and story of the couple to personalize your wedding.
  • Wedding Photography: Pre Wedding photography, wedding reportage, wedding album printing.
  • Wedding Videography: Capture every memorable moment of the most important event in your life.

Contact Information:

Website: wedding.dnx.vn

Headquarter: 57/1B Nguyen Huu Tho, Danang, Vietnam

HCMC Branch: 220/1 Xo Viet Nghe Tinh, Ward 21, Binh Thanh District, HCMC, Vietnam

Hotline/WhatsApp: +84.388.33.36.39

Email: wedding@dnx.vn

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