How to decorate a floral arch for a wedding?

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At the wedding, the most expected moment is when the bride and groom exchange their beloved vows, witnessed by family and friends, and our mother nature, in front of the floral decorated wedding arch. This can be said, the wedding arch is the centerpiece of your ceremony. It captures the most valuable moment, expresses the main theme of your wedding, and showcases your individual sense of style. And surprisingly, you can marginalize your creativity in floral arrangements for wedding arches. 

DNX Wedding is proud of its distinctive originality and commitment to delivering weddings with remarkable design thanks to our professional backgrounds in developing concepts and decorating in the sector. And in this blog, we’re here to assist you with our thorough instructions on how to make floral arrangements for wedding arches.  

What do you need to create floral arrangements for wedding arch?

In this example, DNX Wedding prioritizes a neutral wedding concept, light color flowers (light pink/white/blush/ivory) are selected to use. And these are what need to be prepared to make a 6ft x 6ft wedding arch.

  • 112 flowers ~ 8 boxes of flower box packs (14 flowers/each)*
  • 3-4 types of Greenery vary from 6-17 inches, a total of 190 ~ 10 boxes of Greenery Combo (19 leaves/ box)*
  • 2 arch pillars
  • Wire mesh or chicken wire 
  • Flower muds 
  • Zip ties 
  • Pliers 

This is just an estimate. You can be flexible with various kinds and the amount. Contact DNX Wedding for advice on the floral arrangements for your wedding arch:


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How to make floral arrangements for wedding arch?

As we have mentioned, you are free to use your imagination when it comes to making floral arrangements for your wedding arch. And these are the step-by-step guidelines on how to make floral arrangements for a wedding arch.

Watch details on Youtube: 


Step 1: Build the base

In this first step, we are building the base for your arch to stand up, therefore, flower muds are needed. The bottom of one side of your arch should have at least 7 pieces of flower mud piled on it. Remember to attach them to the arch to create the shape of your arch. Then use wire mesh to enclose the flower mud and zip ties to fasten it. start to Assure that any wire edges are sticking out with sharp edges. 


*Tip: It is better to have a thicker base than the top because it will create a more natural look with stronger stability.

Step 2: Create the frame

The first step in the process of how to make floral arrangements for the wedding arch has successfully created the base on one side, thus, in this next step repeat the same process with the other side of your arch. Then slowly build up to create the round frame until the wedding arch is shaped how it is supposed to look. While creating the frame, there will be holes and lumps, but no worries, we will cover them late with our floral arrangements.


Step 3: Add in greeneries

This is the step we are all waiting for in the process of how to make floral arrangements for wedding arch! Let’s start off your creativity by adding in the greeneries we prepared in the beginning. 

Inserting each green leaf into the flower muds, try to arrange evenly with an angle of 30-45 degrees, which gives an effect that the greenery sprouts from the base. Don’t forget to create small gaps in between to insert flowers later on. And to plus extra density to your wedding arch, the greenery at the bottom should be the fullest, and then spread it out ‘till the top.

When it comes to how to make floral arrangements for wedding arch, we have mentioned preparing various types of greeneries, this will help to diversify your floral arrangements for the wedding arch. Don’t be afraid to maximize your creativity in floral arrangements by trying out different styles before choosing the most blended, cohesive look. And remember, there will not be such things as decorating orders, therefore, if you still have long leaves and not knowing what to do with them, just leave them and we will instruct you later on.

*Tip: Your greenery combo contains big and small leaves, it is better to begin with small leaves, the biggest and longest leaves should be used for the final touch. 

Step 4: Add in flowers

The next step, the one we were all waiting for: adding in flowers, another opportunity for you to utilize your profound imagination.

Unlike greenery, which should be diversified to vary your wedding arch’s design, flowers can be simply one or various kinds, depending on your sense of art. However, different sizes of flowers are recommended to be prepared to fit any style.

Start inserting your flowers into the small gap between leaves that you have intentionally created in the previous steps. Either arrange similar flower varieties in groups or distribute each variety equally along the arch. One thing to pay close attention to is to complement the arrangements between both sides, but not too identical. The process of how to make floral arrangements for wedding arch should have flexibility in the arrangements, feel free to adjust them with different positions, this all depends on your individual vision.

Step 5: Finalize touches

Remember the leftover long leaves you have in the 3rd step, now it is the time to use them. These large branches play an important role in creating depth to your wedding arch. And based on our tip given above, it is most suitable to arrange these branches into the base of the arch, allowing the bottom to look fuller. 


Moreover, in case of any leftover lump you want to cover on the flower muds, it is recommended to use any extra decoration on your floral arrangements such as ribbon, ties, or bows. Pay attention to the color of these decorations, and make sure it matches the flower arrangements. This step is the finishing touches of how to make floral arrangements for wedding arch, thus, feel free to adjust depending on your unique vision and non-limit imagination.

Here are the 5 easy DIY steps on how to make floral arrangements for wedding arch. Wedding arch is not only the decoration, but it is also a floral centerpiece that appears in almost every single moment of your wedding: a backdrop for guests to take aesthetic pictures, a spot where the brides stand waiting for their beloved partners, and where the promising vows will be stated.

As how the essential role the wedding arch plays, this thing will also reflect your individual style, therefore, unleashing your creativity, and let’s empower your imagination through the floral arrangements for wedding arch.


DNX Wedding

If you need advice on how to make floral arrangements for a wedding arch, DNX Wedding is always here to support you. We believe that our creativity and extensive industry knowledge will consult you with the best decorating idea, and be equipped with the highest quality products needed for the floral arrangements based on your expectations and favor. Our services include:

  • A-Z Wedding Planning: We help to plan thoroughly your wedding, from consultancy, finding a venue, designing a concept, and preparing the script, to overlooking your D-Day.
  • Wedding decoration: Our team of creativity assists with ideas and recommendations on the wedding theme and concept based on your expectations and preferences.
  • Wedding photography/videography: Our professional photographers/film crews capture the most valuable moments of your wedding during the entire stages from pre, during, and post-wedding.  


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