8 Tips On How To Make Makeup Last All Day For Wedding

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Who does not want to look the best on their wedding day? From wedding dresses, hairstyles, and makeup, you want them always to be as perfect as they just have been done. Throughout the day, many external factors can affect your makeup, such as tears or sweat. Thus, it seems hard to maintain your outlook perfectly throughout the day.

But, no worries. These are 8 tips on how to make makeup last all day for the wedding.

Have Multiple Touch-Ups

Professional makeup artists frequently get asked how to make makeup last all day for wedding. The truth is, there is no makeup look that can last all day without being ruined by external factors. In fact, the bride always touches up their makeup multiple times during the day. That’s why you can easily spot a mobile makeup set carried by the artist, which contains various cosmetics to touch up the makeup look anytime.

Prepare A Pamper Night

How to make makeup last all day for wedding? Well, it does need good preparation from the night before. 

Rewarding yourself with a pamper session before the big day occurs will help to freshen out the whole body. Skincare routines such as exfoliating to remove dead skin cells, cleansing then moisturizing give flawless skin the next morning. Or, a warm bathtub with your favorite candle and scented bath bomb will also smoothen up your body and de-stress your mind.

Whatever way, make sure to dedicate yourself to a deep care routine on the last night of being single.

Don’t Risk Yourself On New Products

When it comes to how to make makeup last all day for wedding, most brides tend to try out new skincare products with the expectation of an immediate ‘glowing’ effect. However, trying out new products can cause an outbreak or skin reaction to new ingredients.

Instead of doing that, stick to your gentle skincare products that actually make your skin feels radiant and smooth.

Test Your Makeup

Nevertheless, it is still recommended to give your makeup look a test beforehand. This is a perfect chance to try how to make makeup last all day for wedding. Moreover, you can check how your skin would react to new products and make any adjustments if necessary. 

This trial helps your professional makeup artist identify exactly the products that should be used to keep your makeup last all day. Noted that primer plays an essential base in how to make makeup last all day for wedding.

Set Up With A Powder or Spray

One important technique on how to make makeup last all day for wedding is the layering and setting approach, which means setting a light layer on top of the makeup so that it can sink into your skin. This is the professional tip from most makeup artists to make your look last longer. 

After putting on foundation, finishing your look with powder, mineral-based is suggested. This will not block pores, yet, allow your skin to breathe and a little more glow than usual.

Get Matte Products

Matte is famously known for its long-lasting feature, therefore, when it comes to how to make makeup last all day for wedding, this is a go-to option. 

Another reason to use matte makeup products is the wedding photos. There will be a lot of sparkling from jewelry, and dresses, not to mention the lip gross or eyeshadow. In this case, your professional makeup artist will mostly use matte products on your face, which work best in photos.

Use Waterproof Mascara

Tears and sweat are usually unavoidable for brides throughout their special day. Thus, waterproof mascara is an ideal choice when mentioning how to make makeup last all day for wedding. In case you put on the last extension, remember to apply the newest one just right before the wedding to stay away from any strip lash incidents.

Prioritize Lip Tint

Talking about makeup look, lip is the part where it will get ruined first. Kisses, drinking, and eating can wipe off your lipstick easily. The most recommended strategy on how to make makeup last all day for wedding is to use a lip tint. This texture is designed to be long-lasting, however, even if it does come off, the tint layer always leaves a light base color on your lips.

Not so many people will pay attention to any changes in your makeup at the end of the wedding day. Applying these 10 tips on how to make makeup last all day for wedding will keep you stay away from any stress of having your makeup ruined. Remember, wedding is one of your lifetime event, thus, adapt to the fun with no pressure and an enjoyable mindset.

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