What do most photography and videography wedding packages include?

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wedding coordinator/ photography and videography wedding packages

Photography and videography wedding packages provide photographers and videographers with a straightforward method of pricing their services, and giving couples the option to select a pre-defined container make the process simpler for them. 

There are a great number of photographers and videographers operating in Danang City, and each of them provides something unique to their clients. On the other hand, photography and videography wedding packages can typically be altered to meet the requirements of the client.

Do you want to know what to add to the photography and videography wedding package you purchased for your wedding? As a photographer and videographer, you owe it to your client to provide a comprehensive service that takes into account events, timings, albums, and other elements.

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What's included in wedding photography packages?

The style of photos

Will the photographer primarily focus on taking formal posed shots, or will they use a reportage style to capture candid moments during the photoshoot? Will there also be other types of photographs, such as those in sepia or black and white, in addition to coloured ones?

When choosing a wedding photography package, it is important to be aware of the types of photographs that are included in the package. A good number of the packages even include a list of the particular pictures that are included, such as a certain number of group pictures, a picture of the exchanging of rings, a picture of the cutting of the cake, and so on. Planning your dream wedding and don’t want to miss out on the special moments on your big day?

Time spent at the wedding

Your wedding package ought to come with a predetermined amount of time that your photographer will spend at the location of your ceremony and reception. It ought to specify whether the duration will be spent in the preparations leading up to the ceremony, the ceremony itself, or the reception that follows. The number of people who will be attending the wedding should also be determined by the package; some packages include the services of two photographers or one photographer and an assistant.

photography and videography wedding packages

The lighting and equipment

Imagine that you are in charge of organizing an evening event or a reception that will take place outside. In that case, your photographer might need to provide superior lighting or shades, and the specifics of your photographer package should make note of this possibility. Your wedding package should include specific information regarding the types of cameras that were utilized on the big day.

Even if you don’t know much about photography yourself, you should ask a friend who is more knowledgeable than you are if these are the most recent models, or you could do some research online. Check to see if they will be bringing backup equipment in the event that one of the cameras stops working while the event is going on.

Details of editing

The details of the photography package should include information about how the pictures will be edited and whether or not they will be digitally altered or enhanced to add more vibrant colors or a higher-quality image. In addition to this, your package should provide a rough estimate of the number of images that will need editing and the amount of time this will take.

The overall costs and extras

When choosing your wedding photography package, make sure to ask for a list of possible additional costs, such as travel to the venue, as this can often tell you more than knowing what is included in the package itself. Find out how much your photographer will charge you for additional prints or albums, as well as a second photographer if these services are not included in the package that you have purchased.

wedding coordinator/ photography and videography wedding packages

Included products

Would you be more interested in a product that is formatted like a magazine, and do you want to parent or guest books to give away as gifts? Do you want your printed photographs to be displayed in a mounted album or a book designed to be placed on a coffee table? It is important to pay attention to the details, for example, what kind of covers and edges will your albums have? 

Because there is such a large selection of wedding photography products currently available, you need to check to see that the package you choose includes everything you need.

While photography can certainly capture your wedding day, videography takes memory preservation to another level. Video can document all the smiles, tears, hugs, kisses, laughs, dances, decorations, vows and wedding speeches in a way that’s truly unique. For that reason, it’s important to opt for a wedding videography package that perfectly aligns with your vision for your big day.

wedding coordinator/ photography and videography wedding packages

What do wedding videography packages include?

In general, it is a package of services offered by a videographer. What services each package includes will differ greatly depending on the vendor, as well as their location and various other factors.

Typically, wedding videography packages include a certain number of videographers who will be present on the wedding day to shoot the video. The wedding videography package will also specify the amount of time in hours (say six or eight) that they’ll be available to shoot.

Then, there are the actual deliverables provided by the wedding videographer. Again, this will differ depending on the vendor. Evans says this can include a 30-second mini film that serves as a teaser you can share with friends and family on social media, as well as a 3- to 5-minute highlight video recapping the best moments from your wedding celebration.

So to recap, here’s what a typical wedding videography package includes:

  • The number of videographers who will be present on your wedding day
  • The number of hours of coverage
  • Deliverables, such as a 5-minute highlight film and a 30-second preview film
wedding coordinator/ photography and videography wedding packages
wedding coordinator/ photography and videography wedding packages

What are some wedding videography package add-ons?

Beyond the wedding videography basics described above, some vendors may include add-ons, which are billed separately on top of the wedding videography package fee.

Evans says these add-ons can include a video edit of the full ceremony from beginning to end, footage of all the speeches given during the wedding reception, recordings of all the formal dances, and additional edits beyond what’s already included in the wedding videography package.

Other add-ons can include additional hours of coverage, drone footage and coverage of pre-wedding events, such as the rehearsal dinner.

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