The Elegance Of Intimate Wedding Ceremony

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CLIENT: Koki & Noriko

CONCEPT: Elegant touch of nature




A wedding concept can sneak peek at who you are and what your personal style is. An intimate wedding with few beloved guests always gets a charm all their own.

So, DNX wedding planner always put a great deal of thought into the wedding concept with customers.

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intimate wedding
intimate wedding

This ceremony is such a romantic stroll of nature for it was held at the resort garden where immaculately lawns were covered. Especially, the flower-filled roof is perfectly beautiful that will make every heart flutter. Indeed, we captured so many timeless moments with this stunning enchanted backdrop.

Moreover, with the warm and pleasant weather in May in Hoi An, it’s an incredibly wonderful time for the intimate alfresco wedding ceremony.

intimate wedding - month-of wedding coordinator

For a milestone as special as your wedding day, choosing a themed color for the wedding ceremony is truly important. Under the recommendation of our team specialist, our couple chooses 3 layers of color that fit perfectly with their style.

The mix-and-match of White green, Pastel blue, Pale yellow, and orange tones is incredibly sophisticated. We bring it to life with flowers in a streamlined color scheme. In brief, this intimate wedding is all about exquisite simplicity with the greenery of nature.


Especially, we customize and decorate the wedding arch with breathtaking florals of neutral hues, matching Noriko’s bouquet.

White roses mixed with greenery Eucalyptus and some touches of pastel blue Hydrangea. The contrast of a neutral color palette and deep green truly brings the feeling of glamorous, fresh, and pure.

intimate wedding


How freaking amazing would that be with the beautiful handwritten font on the wedding board?

Especially, this refined detail not only fits perfectly with their style but also exudes a heavenly aesthetic

intimate wedding - month-of wedding coordinator
intimate wedding
intimate wedding

Koki and Noriko want to shrink the ceremony to a cozy, intimate wedding with only 8 people from beloved family and relatives. For that, we elaborate on every detail of the wedding reception to make it to over-the-top and extravagant. There have white as a predominant base color and a touch of vibrantly colored florals according to the bride’s preference.

Particularly, the romantic candlelit exposure and exclusive high florals stand let people soak up every minute of this blissful time. According to this wedding style, we also choose the wooden family-style table and white wrapped tablecloths that make their own statement.

Above all, we would like to spice up your big day as well as retell your romantic story exactly the way you want it to be remembered.

intimate wedding

With over 10 years of experience in this industry, DNX wedding planner understands that meticulous preparation and perfectly precise execution will bring the magical wedding vision into life. Especially, we need to think out of the box and have few jaw-dropping details for an intimate wedding.

Thus, we help them with day coordination as well as full wedding planning for their glamorous wedding day. The experienced planner can make a real uniqueness and difference so choosing the right wedding planner is essential for your big day

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