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wedding theme

When it comes to setting your wedding theme — whether extravagant or simply romantic — your venue will play an integral role in setting the tone. For some couples, an intimate wedding on a secluded beach is exactly what their lockdown daydreams have been about. For others, it’s a lavish celebration in a glitzy, glamorous setting. In this article, we take a look at the top five most popular wedding themes for 2023 and how they work with different venue styles.

Every year, we see wedding themes and style trends evolve. Some of the most popular wedding themes in recent years have included modern, boho, traditional, rustic, garden, and vintage.

Rustic Weddings

  • Natural textures
  • Hand-tied bouquet
  • Mason jars, mismatched vases
  • Antique Victorian flavor
  • Wood elements
  • Casual dress code
  • Florals with greenery

For rustic wedding venues, picture historic buildings, farm stays, heritage homesteads, cellar doors, warehouses, and vineyards are popular wedding venue options for couples. These kinds of venues are easily paired with earthy elements and muted color palettes, giving that rustic atmosphere an element of style.

The most important element of a rustic-style wedding is creating a relaxed atmosphere for your guests to enjoy. You might bring in an acoustic band for entertainment during cocktail hour, or invite your guests to a delicious outdoor barbecue for dinner. No matter the details, it’s all about being a little earthy and creating a laidback vibe so your guests are comfortable relaxing with a good drink and even better company.

wedding theme
wedding theme

Modern Weddings

What makes a modern wedding? Modern rental furniture pieces have become very popular within the wedding industry with the ability to modernize your favorite wedding venue is effortless. 

wedding theme
wedding theme
  • Ghost chairs
  • Mismatched bridal party
  • Minimalist wedding dress
  • Simple Stationery
  • Simple backdrop
  • Greenery
  • Monochrome color palette

Modern and minimalist furnishings, such as square or contemporary chairs, sofas, and tables will create intimate sitting occasions for your wedding guests.  Strategically placed at designated reception hall sections or a separate lounge area. 

Aside from such large items, your event planner may also introduce out-of-the-ordinary linens and modern candelabras to your décor. Using mirrors, modern contrasting colors, textures, and design pieces any venue can be transformed from your mother’s trademark venue to a modern and trendy reception venue. Ask your event planner about the latest trends and bring your signature style to your wedding day.

wedding theme
wedding theme

Modern wedding themes really run the gamut of styling. They might include bold, bright colors that feel festive and vibrant. Or, they might take place in a modern venue that’s really sleek and minimalist with lots of windows or a loft-style atmosphere.

Sleek fabrics, dried florals, statement installations, velvety lounge zones, and loads of candles are just a few of the trends we’re seeing in modern wedding themes this year. The venues that match this kind of styling are typically spaces that feature high ceilings, timber or concrete floors, floor-to-ceiling windows, and contemporary lighting.

Classic/Traditional Weddings

Classic and traditional weddings will never go out of style, with many couples opting to follow this timeless theme. We love the refined elegance of traditional weddings, and keeping things simple means you’ll have more venue styles to choose from.

Many classic-style weddings include a traditional church ceremony followed by a stunning reception in a grand ballroom. Other venue styles often make this wedding theme’s hit list include luxury hotel venues, heritage buildings, private estates, and botanic gardens.

wedding theme
  • A Soft Color Scheme
  • Elegant Stationery
  • A Timeless Wedding Dress
  • Elegant Bridesmaid Dresses
  • Traditional Ceremony

Let us help you find a classic wedding venue to greet your guests in an elegant and classy wedding setting. After you find the perfect location for your classic wedding, select a color palette that defines your theme and decorate your tables with interesting touches that identify your individuality. 

wedding theme
wedding theme

Use silver flatware and accent chairs to contrast dark-toned stemware or bold-colored napkins. Punctuate your tablescape using interesting textures such as lace, embroidery, or rhinestones. Enjoy a classic interlude using decorative ribbons, textured placemats, or votive candles. Explore the imagination. A classic teacup can be used to adorn a place setting while dessert can be served in champagne flutes.

Bohemian Wedding

Boho wedding themes are always a popular choice, thanks to their versatility and creative freedom. Similar to the laidback atmospheres of outdoor and rustic weddings, boho weddings are all about embracing a chill vibe. Design and styling are usually polished while incorporating rich color palettes and all things local, including food, music, wine, and flowers.

Beach wedding venues and unique spaces are big hits with this wedding theme. Many couples who are opting for a bohemian vibe also choose wineries, warehouses, and restaurant venues, as long as there’s some access to an outdoor space like a garden or courtyard.

  • Airy dresses
  • Flower crowns
  • Dream catchers
  • Boho-chic vintage rugs
  • Cascading bouquet
  • Floral table runners
  • Table numbers made with driftwood
wedding theme
wedding theme

Arrange your flowers in a way that enhances your overall theme with added unusual sweets such as chocolate-covered almonds, popcorn, and a variety of candy are sure to entice guests of all ages. 

In the spirit of a bohemian and playful wedding, your voes can be just as visually romantic set against a wooden arch adorned with whimsical flowers and many other items in the theme of wooden tables and chairs, the softness in the presentation is a key factor.

Garden Wedding

First of all, there are some garden wedding elements you should consider when deciding to plan your garden wedding:

  • Floral wedding invitations. 
  • Beautiful Garden bouquet. 
  • Greenery centerpieces. 
  • breezy bridesmaid dresses. 
  • A flower-adorned cake. 
  • Botanical-inspired details. 
  • A floral necktie
wedding theme

Find the best outdoor wedding location right here. Imagine a garden wedding in the midst of green pastures sprinkled with vibrant touches of colorful blossoms as flawless as a painting. 

An outdoor wedding ceremony relies on a different set of elements. The weather is a large factor, therefore it’s important to set up a space that is both practical and beautiful. 

Decorate your chairs with real blossoms. Flowers add a dash of color and diffuse their fragrant scents throughout the venue. Soft fabrics, like chiffon or tulle draped on chairs or used as wall décor, will add further mysticism to the romantic, airy setting of an outdoor wedding. 

Your dream garden wedding takes shape as you breathe life into every corner of your imagination.

DNX Wedding

Come with us, you will feel effortless when it comes to choosing your wedding themes. You just give us your favorite wedding style and your favorite wedding colors,… We can provide you with the best wedding theme for your big day. 

Established in 2012, DNX Wedding is a subsidiary of DNX specializing in wedding planning and coordination to provide, supervise and manage all the details of a comprehensive wedding plan.

  • Wedding planning: Our team will help you plan and organize your biggest event from A to Z
  • Wedding decoration: We consult the ideas and concepts that match your unique personality, and story and transform them into reality by supervising the on-site decoration activities.
  • Wedding photography/videography: Capturing the unforgettable moments of your once-in-a-lifetime event is indispensable with the professionalism of our Photo/Filming Crew.

DNX team is always ready to support and advise you when it comes to wedding services. Please contact DNX Wedding according to the information below if your business is in need of advice.

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