Top 5 neutral wedding color palettes for your upcoming destination wedding in 2023

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Neutral wedding color palettes

When researching for a perfect color scheme for your wedding that satisfies two main criteria, which are trendy and beautiful, a neutral wedding color palette is commonly the best base to start. Neutral colors have been extremely favored these days for their minimalism yet elegance. A neutral wedding color palette can also the one which represents the characteristic of couples: simple but very detailed. 

These soft, muted hues like beige, blush, grey, mauve, peach and many others can basically match every wedding theme, and are dedicated to perfectly shaping a neutral color palette for weddings. And as 2023 is coming, wedding season is about to bloom again, we want to recommend neutral wedding color palettes that predict to be the top trend in 2023 for your upcoming destination wedding. 

Rust & Terracotta

If you are asking what is the trendy and most used colors in weddings during 2022, then our top given answer has to be Rust & Terracotta. This earth-tone palette bolds and neutralizes the wedding concept, which brightens up the overall vision of your neutral color palette wedding. 

neutral wedding color palettes

While terracotta is a very enthusiastic color, rust orange highlights the layer between the two. Therefore, this neutral wedding color palette specializes in creating a rustic and boho wedding style, which is a stylish and suitable match for your extraordinary 2023 wedding. 

Champagne & Salmon

The trending neutral wedding color palette in 2023 will not be satisfied if the champagne color is not on the list. A lavish, romantic hue that can be efficiently paired with almost any color, from pastel to vivid, to any wedding season, and is voted as the best wedding color choice. But in 2023, Champagne, when combined with a Salmon hue, is made to lead the trends. The neutral wedding color palette easily implements your wedding decorations or even bridesmaid dresses and creates a bright but warming tone for your upcoming neutral color palette wedding.

Sage Green, Sea Glass, & Light Pink

The trendy theme of outdoor weddings that is extremely favored by most couples is nature, where every beautiful aspect of it is being utilized. And the color, Sage Green, is designed as a wish from nature in celebrating your wedding. The presence of Light Pink and Sea Glass, with their fresh and bright characteristics, help this neutral wedding color palette be highly preferred during Spring and Summer seasons. These three colors support each other and shine through on their own, where they capture the essence of nature and support to ease the overall tone, creating subtle and enchanting shimmer for your neutral color palette wedding.

Gray, Beige & Taupe

This neutral wedding color palette brings a sophisticated yet elegant wedding style, with a hint of taupe as the highlight to create a warm and inviting atmosphere. The combination of three neutral hues will promise to bring out the aesthetic of your wedding photos.

Gray, beige, and taupe colors are the ideal start as a foundation for a neutral color palette wedding. The 2023 modern wedding theme is envisioned to be based on this palette. The lack of bright color does not lower the overall tone, instead, they visualize a soft, bright, and harmonious wedding picture. 

Blush Pink, & Dusty Blue

Although blush pink seems to be unpopular wedding color in 2022, 2023 will hit differently with the presence of dusty blue. Peach starts off as an ideal base for a neutral color palette wedding, but dusty blue plays as a dominant hue, emphasizing the whole vision. This neutral wedding color palette will help your wedding stand out and be unique. A cool tone generated by these two colors benefits alleviates the surrounding mood, providing a bright and bustling space for your neutral color palette wedding.

The purpose of having neutral colors in every palette is to soften the colorfulness that others are releasing, therefore, by applying these palettes, you are free to play with your creativity in mixing colors. If you are planning on having a neutral color palette wedding, and still want to catch on to the wedding trends of 2023, then these neutral wedding color palettes that we suggested are exactly what you are looking for.

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As a long-standing experience in planning and collaborating with vendors and wedding venues,  we will offer you the most suitable wedding color palettes that meet your requirement and expectation. Let us make you effortless and stress-free in planning and organizing your wedding in the most professional way. Don’t hesitate to contact DNX Wedding according to the information below whenever you need help.

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