5 Creative Idea For Wedding Entrance Decorations

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wedding entrance decorations
The most highlighted moment at the wedding is when the bride walks through the wedding entrance to enter the aisle with a sparkling wedding dress, a fresh floral bouquet, and a happy smile to greet their officially loved partner. Therefore, having a beautifully decorated wedding entrance will make the scene even more impressive. This article is a collection of five creative ideas for wedding entrance decorations.

1. White Drape Wedding Entrance Decoration

White drapes are a classical idea, yet they are still a popular wedding entrance decoration. Due to the white color and simple design, this style is a go-to option to mix with any wedding theme. Some wedding decorators suggest adding a few greeneries under or on the drape, which will make the wedding entrance decoration more remarkable.
wedding entrance decorations

2. Open Doorway Wedding Entrance Decoration

An out-of-the-box wedding entrance decoration idea is to set up a doorway. This style is favored by its unique concept and is attractive even if it stands alone. It is suggested to add simple decorations such as blooms, greenery, or standing candles. This adds more highlights to the open doorway wedding entrance decoration but still keeps the original beauty.
wedding entrance decorations

3. Sparklers Wedding Entrance Decoration

No need to decorate fancy things; instead, give each guest a sparkler before the wedding and light it up when the bride enters. This is also one of the wedding activities that guests can engage in while celebrating your wedding. These sparklers emphasize the moment and create natural but magical, one-of-a-kind wedding entrance decorations.

wedding entrance decorations
wedding entrance decorations

4. Candlelit Path Wedding Entrance Decoration

What is more romantic than entering a wedding aisle filled with candles that are lit in celebration of your love story? Setting up a path of candles that leads to the assembly hall is a popular wedding entrance decoration idea for an outdoor wedding. 

Moreover, you can be flexible by substituting candles with fairy lights; both wedding entrance decorations will light up your way to your beloved partner. 

wedding entrance decorations

5. Floral Strings Wedding Entrance Decoration

Flower decorations can never get old when it comes to styling a wedding. A dreamy wedding entrance will appear by selecting flower colors that match your wedding theme and hanging them as multiple strings on the ceiling. This style of wedding entrance decoration emits a light natural flower scent into the air, romanticizing the occasion.

wedding entrance decorations

A wedding entrance has significance because it marks the beginning of a new love chapter between you and your official partner. Thus, your wedding entrance decorations are recommended to stand out and express your unique sense of style. In conclusion, these are 5 creative ideas for wedding entrance decorations.

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wedding entrance decorations


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