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When it comes to designing for a wedding, the wedding background is what is usually considered the soul. It is where most photos will be taken, it is the first impression of guests about the wedding, and it is the reflection of the wedding concept & theme. Wedding flower decoration background is now the leading style in most weddings. The flowers’ expressions of color, type, and sentiment perfectly capture your passionate love story and your distinctive artistic sensibility.

In this article, DNX Wedding will introduce you to the most epic wedding flower decoration backgrounds. We believe that with our long experience in organizing various weddings, these suggestions will create a remarkable first impression of the wedding flower decoration background for every guest attending. 

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Geometric Floral Wooden Frame

Start off with a unique style of wedding flower decoration background: geometric floral wooden frame. This style of background is different because of its wooden structure, which can be crafted into a variety of unique shapes, making it stand out from other standard backgrounds. 

The more colorful your flower shade is, the more highlighted it will become because of the muted wooden color. With the individual style of structure, this geometric floral wooden frame supports brightening up every beautiful aspect of flowers so that no guest would ever want to miss a picture with it. 


Floral Grid

If you are looking for a wedding flower decoration background where you can be as creative as possible, a grid is the standard option. With a variety of shapes, such as rectangular, circular, and square, a grid floral background allows flexibility in arranging the decorations. 

There are choices where the grid can be fully covered, besides, to keep as simple as possible, partly decoration is also another possibility. And no matter how you like to arrange it, a grid makes a perfect wedding flower decoration background that creates an unforgettable design wedding.


Single-statement Floral Hoop

One of the most favorite ideas in wedding flower decoration background is using a hoop structure. When it comes to designing a wedding background, a hoop reflects completeness and totality, a subtly symbolic allusion to the marriage you are about to embark on with your future partner. This structure itself already makes your wedding most elegant and luxurious, nevertheless, to embrace it, even more, floral decoration is the best match. 

From simple decor, with greeneries and flowers added on one side of the hoop, or complex, by layering it and having the entire hoop filled with these floral decorations, either style will assemble the single statement floral hoop to become the most impressive and extraordinary wedding flower decoration background.

Floral Hanging

Instead of having a wall full of blooms as a wedding flower decoration background, you can go for simple floral hanging. These hanging flowers usually share the same kind as well as the same color tone, sometimes just one dominant color, that best fits the wedding palette.

Floral hanging is usually in which flowers are hung on strings, short & long, and on an embroidery needle with the support of any frame or whiteboard, or sometimes nothing as a background. This concept helps flowers to highlight their beauty and make an exceptional wedding flower decoration background.

Copper Floral Arbor

The minimalist vision of wedding flower decoration background is a copper floral arbor, the favorite option for outdoor weddings. Arbor comes in different shapes, however, the most common one would be rectangular. 

A simple cooper arbor decorated with flowers and greeneries on the edges is enough to highlight your pictures with its elegant yet luxurious presentation. There is the reason why copper arbor is most common because it can be easily matched with any shade of flowers, therefore, feel free to mix and match your copper arbor wedding flower decoration background based on your individual sense of art. 

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The wedding background plays an essential role in making a remarkable first impression, and it is also where most photos will be captured, therefore, it is worth investing in decorating and making them stand out. These 5 suggested wedding flower decoration backgrounds all have common point that is easy to find and flexible in decorating, which can help to maximize your creativity and be able to express your unique style on this thing called “the soul of weddings”.


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