7 Polaroid Photo Booth Wedding Ideas That Will Remark Your Guests’ Experience

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Wedding photographs comment on the guests’ appearance on the wedding day. But why don’t we make these photographs even more special by styling them differently, such as Polaroid photographs? 

A polaroid is a photograph with a white frame, usually made with a thin plastic sheet. Therefore, Polaroid pictures look more unique than regular photographs. And to make things more fun and worth the experience, many couples nowadays want to set up a Polaroid photo booth wedding. 

These exciting Polaroid booths will allow guests to take photographs, print them out, and keep them as wedding memories. 

Here are some Polaroid photo booth wedding ideas that will enhance your guests’ wedding experience.

Social Media Polaroid Photo Booth Wedding

A social media polaroid frame is widely used in parties due to its unique concept, thus, why not utilize it in your wedding? You can set up two frames, each being a social media account of the bride or groom. Quote a caption with a hashtag is the title of your wedding or the couple’s name. This social media polaroid photo booth wedding will create a fun experience for your guests.

Personalized Polaroid Photo Booth Wedding

The most traditional idea for an impressive polaroid photo booth wedding is to have the couple’s name and wedding date printed. And to make it more unique, add a hashtag that can remark reference the wedding title. Moreover, the floral frame and decorations are also suggested to highlight your polaroid photo booth wedding.

Wooden Frame Polaroid Photo Booth Wedding

The Polaroid concept is a frame made with a thin plastic sheet covered in white with text at the bottom. However, why don’t we redesign this to make our wedding more extraordinary by using a wooden frame? This is most suitable for the vintage wedding theme. Don’t forget to craft the wedding couple’s name, or any text, to create one-and-only polaroid photo booth wedding ideas.

Love Quote Polaroid Photo Booth Wedding

Romanticize your wedding by signing the couple’s quote on the Polaroid photo booth wedding. It can be a love quote, an inspirational quote, or any quote that perfectly describes the story of the wedding couple. This love quote polaroid photo booth wedding idea is also a wonderful decor that helps spread the wedding’s message.

Polaroid Guest Book Wedding

If you decide to specialize the photograph style, go for the Polaroid photo booth wedding instead of the Polaroid guest book. Most weddings decides to set up a Polaroid station, including the wedding guest book, Polaroid cameras, an instruction, and some photographs as examples. This station will allow guests to take pictures however they like and place a unique position for these Polaroids in the guest book wedding.

Installation Wall Polaroid Photo Booth Wedding

A unique way to make your Polaroid photo booth wedding stand out is to use many strings to hang all of the photographs that can fill the entire wall. Anybody wanting to see their remarks at the wedding can visit this polaroid wall and check out their polaroids. All you need to prepare are strings and some clips, and instruct guests to hook the polaroids on after taking pictures.

Message Tag and Polaroids Frame

A tabletop polaroid frame is also favored in substituting for the polaroid photo booth wedding. Writing something on your polaroids is recommended to remark on the memory. And to make these polaroids more special, leave a message for the wedding couple to remind the wedding moment each polaroid represents. You can write on the message tags available and put them next to your polaroid so the wedding couple can know what moment the message mentions.


What camera is best for Polaroid?

Fujifilm Instax is the best camera for Polaroid snaps. This brand type is the best option if you’re searching for the most reasonably priced introduction to instant photography. Furthermore, when traveling or spending time with loved ones, this type of polaroid camera will provide you with the most outstanding photos with the least amount of work in terms of point-and-shoot.

When should a photo booth start at a wedding?

During the cocktail hour, often known as the wedding reception’s opening, you should have your booth set up and ready to go. Be aware that anytime during the ceremony, besides the main ceremony, is a perfect moment to take photographs. Your guests can enter the photo booth and take pictures before and even after the traditional ceremony begins.

Polaroid photo booth wedding is an extraordinary decoration idea to remark the guests’ experiences at your wedding. These photographs remind you of unforgettable memory whenever you look at them. Therefore, be creative and be unique with the decoration, as long as it fits your style and ability to deliver the wedding message. The polaroid photo booth wedding ideas mentioned will positively effect your guests’ wedding experience.

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