Real Wedding Project

Noriko & Koki

Let us take you to the splendor of an intimate wedding held at Anantara Hoian Resort. Koki and Noriko want to shrink the ceremony to a cozy, intimate wedding with only 10 people from their beloved families and relatives. We elaborate on every detail of the wedding reception in order to make it over-the-top and extravagant. There is white as the predominant base color and a touch of vibrantly colored florals according to the bride’s preference. Let’s scroll down to observe the poetic and emotional frames of Noriko & Koki’s wedding party with DNX Wedding.







Wedding Details

Though this wedding was held for just 10 guests who are close members of Noriko and Koki’s family, everyone is very satisfied and interested in every aspect from the gorgeous wedding ceremony and reception decoration to the profession of our media and operation team.

No matter how small, every detail counts.  That’s why we took care of everything. The most well-liked of our stunning venues are highlighted in our thoughtfully designed wedding experiences, which are completely customizable to match your vision.




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