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Thu Phan & Long Bui

Thu and Long, a couple in love strongly believe that their wedding day has to be more than just representing the dream marriage, but also the favorite day in their life and pampas grass is chosen as an iconic style. It took us 6 months to communicate and prepare for them including communication with the pampas grass supplier and landscaping supplier. All went well and our team was so happy when we saw their wedding day. The groom was really nervous because he did not know that part of their big day is coming up with a surprise from us, but we made him super happy during his unforgettable wedding day thanks to this new wedding concept. The bride looks so excited bcos she saw her husband coming with a bunch of pampas grass to her. An amazing moment that was caught by our photographer team as below.







Wedding Details

It is quite an extraordinary event in our wedding planning career that we get to create a pampas grass wedding concept for a lovely couple from their hometown, Danang City.

To celebrate the biggest day of Thu Phan & Long Bui, we are throwing a lavish and all-inclusive wedding at Shilla Monogram Quang Nam Resort in Danang, Vietnam. This was also the 1st ever luxury wedding held at the resort and was made possible thanks to our partners and vendors who are always dedicated in the process of planning, executing of an unforgettable marriage celebration.

  • A tailored menu created by our Shilla F&B team
  • Exclusive services provided by Shilla representatives
  • Excellent catering and dinner arrangements
  • Flowers designed by one of Danang’s most experienced decoration team
  • A nightly accommodation for the newlyweds
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