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viva la vida wedding entrance

Pantone Color Institute has officially announced the main color of 2023 is Viva Magenta, full of energy of struggle and victory. The color received a lot of love from the interested community because of its impressive and breakthrough purple-red color. As can be seen, this color can be applied to most parties and especially weddings because of the beauty and expression it brings. Let’s explore the colors of viva magenta wedding entrance with DNX Wedding through the article below!

I. Viva Magenta - The color of the year 2023

This year, the Pantone Institute highlights: Viva Magenta promises to be the color that welcomes all who share the same life drive and bold, brave spirit. Viva Magenta is described as a “hued crimson tone” that balances warmth and coolness, being “a unique shade for an unusual time”, Pantone stated in the statement announcing the color of the year 2023.

On the palette, magenta has a combination of red, a little pink, blue and purple, so the color gamut will also have many alternating characteristics of these two shades. And because crimson dates back centuries, it’s also influenced by a modern spirit and a bit of a classic.

In addition, Viva Magenta also symbolizes eternity, together forever. Viva Magenta’s combination of red, rose, and blue. It contains charm and passionate love at first sight. Enthusiasm, color, loyalty, elegance. Nobility create an unforgettable impression and are especially prominent in the wedding ceremony. With that in mind, the wedding ceremony will surely become warm and complete for the couple.


II. Viva Magenta wedding entrance color application in the wedding party

When people see Viva Magenta, they associate the color with love, luck, and happiness. Viva Magenta is a symbol of love, and fullness and will certainly be a symbol of love for couples.
Viva Magenta wedding arch
In Asia, the rose red strip is always dominant at weddings. No matter what color appears, it cannot mask the brilliance of colors. The color helps their wedding stand out, unmistakably. In Vietnam, seeing a rose red strip is like witnessing passionate love. A red velvet rose symbolizes the couple’s love. The red ao dai symbolizes the happy girl in the wedding ceremony. The rose red strip wedding dress will be boundless happiness for the daughter when she returns to her husband’s house. Such beautiful colors! So pretty, it is called the color of happiness.

From there, it can be seen that the Viva’s Magenta color will be a good prospect for future weddings. And below will be Viva Magenta wedding entrance color applications that you can refer to to highlight your big day according to this 2023 color trend.

1. Bridal Bouquet

Large fuchsia peonies, burgundy dahlias, pink ranunculus, yellow poppies, marigold bush, Queen Anne’s lace, and rosemary spray are used in the Kinsley bridal bouquet with premium flowery silk. All blend in a fixed harmony to highlight accessories for the party.

Peonies are a bridal bouquet staple, so use them in your arrangement if you only want a hint of Viva Magenta in your wedding decor. Coral charm peonies stand out in any wedding bouquet, and they’re a simple way to include the trend Viva Magenta wedding entrance without completely changing your color scheme.

2. Floral Runner

There is no better way to incorporate Viva Magenta into your wedding’s color scheme than with your reception florals if you’re prepared to lean in and do so. A lavish runner like this one made by Viva Flor, which is brimming with bougainvillea, roses, and ranunculus, is sure to stand out.

3. Wedding Arch

Since ancient times, Viva Magenta wedding entrance rose red strip has always been considered a color symbolizing luck, signaling full happiness, and an indispensable tone on the wedding day. For women who love fashion, it is not strange to have a pure color. However, choosing such a brilliant rose red strip tone for the wedding ceremony, few people are brave enough.

This is a flower gate capable of taking the whole spotlight and leaving a deep impression on guests thanks to its outstanding and passionate light, and also showing the couple’s intense affection.

4. Dessert Table

There is no better way to incorporate Viva Magenta into the color scheme of your wedding than with the flower arrangements at the reception, if you’re prepared to lean in and do so. Like this one made by Viva Magenta, a rich runner bursting with bougainvillea, roses, and ranunculus is sure to draw attention.


5. Pomegranate Evergreen Invitation

This lovely digital invitation can be edited in every way. To fit your wedding, you can pick your own font, text, and font color from the Viva Magenta wedding entrance. The stunning, vividly colored pomegranate picture compliments the color of the year!

viva la vida wedding entrance
Viva Magenta works well with a wide range of other hues. Blue is included. Include it in your wedding invites as graphics, envelope liners, and other amusing touches.

6. Artificial Floral Wall Panels

We can use these 3D artificial flower wall panels as a backdrop for a photo booth. Add a neon sign with a Viva Magenta wedding entrance color to make your guests’ experience even more enjoyable. If you’re concerned about the price, think of reselling it or repurposing it in your own home for a tiny she-cave or colorful home office!
viva magenta wedding entrance

7. Viva Magenta Bridesmaid Dress

This floor-length chiffon gown has a peek-a-boo shoulder detail and a flattering silhouette. This Pomegranate hue leans toward the purples and deep wines of the Viva Magenta wedding entrance color of the year, but you can also get this dress in red, pink, and purple colors.
viva magenta wedding entrance

8. Flower Crown

Furthermore, we can use this handcrafted dried flower crown that is 100 percent natural, entirely preserved, and made with vibrant hues of fuchsia statice, dried gold baby breath, plum strawflowers, and wheat sprouts. The flowers come from local farms.
viva magenta wedding entrance

9. Striking Magenta Wedding Jewelry and Accessories

There are lovely solutions for special day jewelry, accessories, and beauty accessible for folks who adore the idea of wearing Viva Magenta but are unable to commit to the vibrant tone Viva Magenta wedding entrance in clothing or footwear.
viva magenta wedding entrance
viva magenta wedding entrance

III. DNX Wedding - Making Flawless Viva Magenta Wedding Concept For Your Wedding

Viva Magenta captures what the majority of us are going through in a post-pandemic world as we contemplate and embrace what makes us happy and feel alive. It oscillates between joy, revolt, and beauty. This color’s entry into the realm of wedding decor and styling makes whole sense. DNX Wedding hopes these suggestions encourage you to utilize the viva magenta wedding entrance in your wedding, whether you are simply looking for ways to add a charming pop of color to your special day festivities or intend to get married in front of a divine kaleidoscope of red, purple, and pink.

If you are looking for a reputable wedding planner in Da Nang, Vietnam with color trends 2023 Viva Magenta, our DNX Wedding is the right choice. We provide creative ideas for new colors in 2023 Viva Magenta wedding entrance and couple personalization to create the wonderful wedding day.

Alex and Neil wedding in Premier Village Danang with the support of DNX Wedding Planner

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The entire article above with the main content about the importance and the top 5 inspired weddings and events that you can refer to. Hope the article helps you and do not hesitate to contact us for free advice and support on wedding services!

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