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Wedding planning timeline is an important task. There are numerous responsibilities to attend to and preparations to make. If the idea of organizing your big day from beginning to end makes you feel overwhelmed, let DNX Wedding help you.

Here is a step-by-step timeline for all the crucial tasks when you choose DNX Wedding to become your wedding day planner. We offer all of our tools, techniques, and qualified counsel.

By breaking the year down into months, you can tackle the planning process in manageable, less intimidating chunks.

DNX Wedding will assist you at each stage of the wedding planning procedure. The detailed wedding planning checklist is provided below to help you with every step of the process, from the moment you get engaged to the six-month mark and the wedding day. 

Wedding planning

It’s also crucial to understand that you can customize this wedding planning checklist for your needs. The process of planning a wedding is different for each couple, so adapt this advice in any way that fits your requirements.

Now, let’s prepare for a joyous breeze when planning your wedding and think of it as a countdown to your new life together! 

Find a dedicated wedding planner

When your wedding has just popped into your head, you should first consider choosing an experienced wedding planner who you like best. If you have no idea how to find one, don’t hesitate to visit our tips on choosingthe right wedding planner in Danang before reading this blog. 

To understand more about our work, including decoration sets and wedding styles, just click on this blog to view more. If you chose the right one, DNX will take to you on a five-month tour on your wedding occasion. Let’s start!

5 months

Select date and location

wedding planning

One of the most significant choices you’ll make now is the location and date of your wedding. Seriously, the venue has an important impact on almost everything else.

Regarding Thu & Long Wedding, we carefully chose Shilla Monogram because that is a brand new resort in Quang Nam. It is more meaningful and special because Thu Long Wedding is the first wedding held in Shilla Monogram. The resort has a large beach lawn and magnificent building which can blow your mind at the first glance. 

Wedding venue

DNX tips: 

  • It is crucial to weigh your options, write down the leading locations, and then together with us choose one that perfectly fits your guest count, style, and budget. 
  • In order to ensure that your plan and wedding operations are well-prepared, you must also visit your venue

Book wedding vendors

When it comes to booking wedding vendors, DNX Wedding provides you with some recommendations with our long-standing experience and expertise in wedding planning. Maybe you will need prestigious vendors with reasonable prices and many years of experience. Do not worry about that, we will find the most suitable ones for you.

Our responsibility in this step is to help you gather your vendor team. Selecting the team of experts who will help you realize your vision is arguably the most crucial aspect of wedding planning. 

inspired weddings and events

Besides, in case you had your favorite ones, just discuss them with us and we will make an ultimate decision. You should keep in mind that who should be on your wedding vendor list is probably the important question you’re asking yourself if you’re just getting started.

Determine wedding budget

It’s time to decide on a budget because it will determine all other planning parameters.

The budget must then be disassembled in order to ensure what should be a priority and what shouldn’t, and funding must then be distributed accordingly.

As you make plans, these numbers will change, so it’s a good idea to start a thorough spreadsheet right away. You will be able to easily make changes as you go along and keep track of your spending thanks to this. You will need to consider the potential size of your wedding as you start to set your budget.

Wedding planning

Sign vendor contract

When all of the wedding vendors are ready, you and they then have discussed and talked more about your wedding. Finally, you have to sign a contract with them.

wedding planning

4-3 months

Create guest list

wedding planning

This time is perfect for you to list your wedding guests. You already have a general idea of how many people will be invited, but now is the time to sit down and discuss with your partner who needs to be there and who does not.

Arrange transportation

Wedding venue

Of course, you and your partner will require a reliable method of transportation to get to your ceremony and reception. To ensure that your wedding party gets to the venues on time, you might also want to consider hiring some transportation.

Choose wedding theme

inspired weddings and events
Wedding Budget
wedding planning

Consider this one of our favorite detailed wedding checklist tasks. Picking a theme or style allows you to get creative and think about the ways your personality can shine through your wedding. 

If you have so many wedding styles, we advise you to visit DNX Wedding website with an aim to browse through a variety of weddings we have operated and narrow down a look that’s right for you. 

DNX Wedding Planning

There are countless options for your wedding’s aesthetic. This is your chance to make your big day a reflection of the hues, themes, and fashions you adore most, whether you’re picturing a whimsical cottagecore garden soiree, a high-class glam party at a modern loft, or a pastoral, rustic barn party.

Book wedding dress and suite

wedding consultation

When you finish choosing your best wedding theme. The next thing to do is to book the beautiful wedding dress and suit that you opted for. 

Discuss menu and beverage

In terms of discussing menu and beverage, we will discuss with the couple about dishes that suit both of them, the guests, and theme of the wedding.

Plan decoration

In this step of the wedding planning timeline, we first plan detailed decoration according to your brief and discuss it with the couple in order to fix it till the wedding decoration satisfies the Bride and Groom.

2 months

Send formal invitation

When finishing listing your ultimate guests, it’s time to send your official invitation letters which are designed by DNX.

Shoot pre-wedding photo


Write script for Celebrant and MC and photographer


Select song list

1 month

By now, your ceremony should be finalized, but small details still need to be taken care of, including confirming the wedding rundown and brief wedding party, checking guest RSVN and deciding the final number of guests. Last but not least, email your vendors a day-of schedule, so that they’re on the same page as you are.

Confirm wedding rundown, brief wedding party

Wedding Planning - month-of wedding coordinator

Check guest RSVN & Confirm the final no. of guests

wedding planning

Select makeup & hairstyle

Schedule hair appointments for three hours before and makeup appointments at least an hour before, you won’t be harried and attendees won’t be kept waiting. We always suggest a makeup and hair trial before.

Assign reception seating plan


Order wedding cake

1 week

Congratulations! You’ve made it to the last week of wedding preparations. Take a few deep breaths, the majority of the laborious work is now finished. Now all that is really left is the nitty-gritty details. Take care of things like:

  • Pick up wedding dress & suit
  • Travel to the wedding location
  • Attend food tasting

Wedding rehearsal

A day before your wedding, you must show up at the wedding site and make sure that every step is smoothly operated.  For example, the Bride must remember that she will start walking toward the Groom on which piece of music, what time the couple tells their vows, and when they place their rings for each other.

Save the date

The big day is finally here. All that careful preparations and creative wedding planning have come to fruition, and it’s time to enjoy the wedding. 

All that you do on that day is drink more water and stay happy. DNX Wedding will take care of operating and running every step and detail for you. Just leave us with everything, and you will have the best day ever in your life.


DNX team is always ready to support and advise you when it comes to wedding services. Please contact DNX Wedding according to the information below if your business is in need of advice.

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