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The “wedding boom” atmosphere has returned after long silence during the COVID-19 pandemic. The wedding ceremony is a milestone marking the time when both of them start a new life together and the most important and meaningful moment in the bride’s life.

Choosing a wedding dress can sometimes be as time-consuming as finding the right life partner. Besides, the variety of wedding dress styles on the market also makes you more concerned.

In Vietnam, the trend of wedding dresses is gradually becoming a highlight for couples during the wedding season. Instead of choosing Western-trendy wedding dresses, couples gradually prefer Vietnamese dresses because of their prominence and impression. If you are a trendy bride and want to get the latest trendy wedding dress, please refer to the following Vietnam wedding dress ideas with DNX Wedding.

Top 5 trending Vietnam wedding dresses

1. Minimalist Wedding Dress

Many brides-grooms no longer want to hold a wedding party with too many cumbersome and crowded ceremonies after the pandemic. Therefore, minimalism continues to be a trend that has never lost its “throne” in the Vietnam wedding dress market in 2023.
Of course, a minimalist wedding dress is not a monotonous design. The simplicity lies in the design without too many attachments. In return, the designers have incorporated cutouts, square necks, or a few wavy folds into it to increase the charm. The most important thing when choosing a minimalist wedding dress is to pay attention to the material and the style. 

2. Pastel colors

Vietnam wedding dress with pastel tones such as pastel pink, pink, and nude… always bring a very sweet and feminine beauty to the wearer. Therefore, when wearing a wedding dress with this lovely color, the girls will become graceful, gentle, and extremely attractive brides. Bringing a fresh, elegant beauty but no less romantic and sexy is the strong point of this wedding dress color.

Besides, pastel pink color also has an outstanding advantage compared to all other Vietnam wedding dress colors such as white wedding dress or red wedding dresses… that this color is extremely suitable for Asian women’s skin. It will brighten the skin and enhance the beauty of the bride in the best possible way.

The design of a wedding dress with a busty shape, off-the-shoulder, long sleeves, or even a V-neck, open back showing off a sexy slim back all helps to thoroughly enhance the advantages of the bride’s physique. Also, it hides the flaws of the body, making the girls become the most beautiful and luxurious.

3. Sparkling Material

The specialty of Vietnam wedding dress is not only in the shape and texture but also in the material that makes an important difference to the dress. Sparkling wedding dress on stylized sequins/sequins and cleverly modified her wedding dress to become more sparkling and haughty than ever.
More specifically, lace has long been considered a symbol of sophistication and elegance, and can be considered a classic material for wedding dresses, combined with the glitter of sequins/glitter of the modern era to a charming, modern beauty.
Sparkling Vietnam wedding dress designs always receive a close touch and attract many eyes, which is the wish of many girls on their wedding day. With meticulous tailoring lines and sparkling beading, the following images of sparkling princess wedding dresses will be suggestions for her upcoming wedding day.
Some typical materials can be mentioned: Faya is a combination of Crystal beads, Satin Silk and Glitter Mesh to help catch the spotlight at the ceremony. Crystal beads and high-quality satin silk create a glamorous glitter dress.

4. Boat Neck Wedding Dress

The British Royal Wedding is always the starting point for the “fever” wedding dress trends in the world. After each wedding is expected by the whole world of the British Royal Family. Then the fashion world “fevered” with the bride’s dress and from there, a series of “follow-up” boat neck wedding dresses were born. The wedding of Princess Meghan Markle is an inspiration for wedding dress designers to promote wedding dresses. Besides, three-inch neck wedding dresses are also trending wedding dresses today.
The wedding day is always the most important day in any woman’s life. However, to be able to enhance her beauty, the bride needs to choose the right Vietnam wedding dress style that suits her body shape and preferences. A beautiful wedding dress with a boat neck style will be very suitable for girls with slim bodies. Not only that, this is a very fashionable and luxurious stylized wedding dress, catching up with the fashion trends of 2023. With a discreetly designed neckline but with an elegant and charming beauty, boat neck wedding dresses are easily suitable for many different body shapes. The neckline is also designed with lace or ruffled patterns that will make the bride’s modest neck and bust become fuller.

5. Accessories For The Vietnam Wedding Dress

  • Veil is an indispensable Vietnam wedding dress accessory when being a bride, very necessary when taking wedding photos. It carries a discreet but seductive, delicate value of a girl. Depending on the preferences of each person or it depends on the Vietnam wedding dress you choose, bridal veils are diverse in designs as well as delicately designed colors including veils with bows, pearls, or borders. 3D embroidery, 3D flower magnifier, bow magnifier, rhinestone magnifier, pearl magnifier, high-grade lace magnifier, bridal shawl.
  • Bridal hair flower: is an accessory that brings a cute or luxurious beauty, helping to highlight the hair. If a rustic hairstyle does not come with flower accessories, it will certainly not stand out for everyone’s attention. So hairpin flowers were born to meet the needs and increasingly diversified models with designs from pearls or bright silver colors to add elegance.
In addition, the side hair pins studded with stones in addition to embellish the charm of the hair, they are also used to fix the veil, fix the bride’s hair. Besides, hairstyles with gold and silver skeletons, studded with gems or gems will bring sweetness to the bride with Vietnam wedding dress.

3 notes when choosing a Vietnam wedding dress

1. The Harmony Between Wedding Dress And Skin Color

Choosing Vietnam wedding dress style depends on your skin tone. If you have fair skin, you should choose dresses that are open neck, bare shoulders, strapless, tight, and should have a slit at the bottom of the skirt. This style makes you very attractive in front of your newlywed husband and many friends. One thing to note is that the dress has to ensure the sexy element but at the same time it must be comfortable.
In general, pure white is still the most preferred color by brides because of its tradition. However, currently, on the market, the new trend of Vietnam wedding dress has a variety of colors, making it easier for brides to choose the right dress color for their skin. Wedding dresses without white tones are also increasingly delicately designed and are chosen by many brides for their big day. For example, cream or milk color will be a more appropriate choice and help to enhance the skin for brides with swarthy skin

2. The Neck And Shoulders Of The Wedding Dress

The collar is also a very important part of the bride’s beauty when wearing Vietnam wedding dress. The choice of collar depends on your body shape as well as your face. Usually, a wedding dress with a shallow round neck or square neck will be more difficult to emphasize than other types of the neck. On the contrary, the square neck but not strapless dress or the heart neck style is suitable for most brides and is also very popular. It is the first choice of wedding dress designers.
However, if you choose a strapless Vietnam wedding dress that hugs your chest, you need to confidently show off your shoulders, bust, and neck. Therefore, this style of dress is very suitable for brides with standard 3-round measurements. For brides with broad shoulders, experts recommend that you do not choose dresses with straps around the neck because they will reveal your weaknesses more. You should choose dresses that cover the shoulders and cut the collar a bit wider, or just choose an off-the-shoulder dress and all problems will be solved.

3. Synchronize With The Wedding Space

In many places, the wedding dress will take on different forms and colors. For example, if you are in a rural area, the color will always be present at weddings, so brides often rent many wedding dresses with different colors, creating variety for the bride on the wedding day.
A flowing dress with a flowing chiffon will help you stand out at the hotel, but will also turn into a disaster if your wedding is held on the beach. Because the wedding party is on the beach or outdoors, a short dress will be more reasonable. They will keep you active and comfortable in the sun. Therefore, you should determine the wedding venue before choosing a wedding dress to choose the right Vietnam wedding dress!

III. DNX Wedding - Proud To Be The Leading Wedding Planning And Consulting Company In Vietnam

Through the above article, hopefully, DNX Wedding has helped you know the prevailing Vietnam wedding dress trends in 2023 and the notes when choosing the right wedding dress for your party. DNX Wedding provides key services related to wedding planning services (Wedding Planning), Wedding decoration, and wedding photography and videography (Wedding Photography, Videography). A professional team and reasonable prices will surely make you satisfied when coming to us.

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  • Wedding Videography: Capture every memorable moment of the most important event in your life.

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