Top 5 popular wedding themes in 2023

wedding theme

When it comes to setting your wedding theme — whether extravagant or simply romantic — your venue will play an integral role in setting the tone. For some couples, an intimate wedding on a secluded beach is exactly what their lockdown daydreams have been about. For others, it’s a lavish celebration in a glitzy, glamorous […]

Why do you need a professional month-of wedding coordinator?

A wedding day is one of the most important milestones in your life. All of you expect a perfect wedding day in which everything is on track and has zero mistakes in the process of managing the wedding event. If you have no idea about the actual role of a month-of wedding coordinator, or when […]

Wedding budget breakdown-How to allocate your wedding budget

Setting a budget for your wedding can be challenging, especially given how expensive weddings are. When it comes to organizing your big day, it’s one of the tasks that can’t be skipped. If you’ve never organized an event of comparable size before, the financial aspect might be a completely new world of terminology and rules. […]

How to plan a perfect wedding in 5 months

inspired weddings and events

Wedding planning timeline is an important task. There are numerous responsibilities to attend to and preparations to make. If the idea of organizing your big day from beginning to end makes you feel overwhelmed, let DNX Wedding help you. Here is a step-by-step timeline for all the crucial tasks when you choose DNX Wedding to become your […]

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