Reportage Wedding Photography: A Document of Wedding Moments


The wedding is each individual’s lifetime event, therefore, who does not want to preserve every single moment that occurs during the ceremony? Fortunately, DNX Wedding will carry this responsibility by reportage wedding photography. The unique aspect of reportage wedding photography specializes in shooting the most natural wedding moments, where the real emotions are expressed without […]

What do most photography and videography wedding packages include?

wedding coordinator/ photography and videography wedding packages

Photography and videography wedding packages provide photographers and videographers with a straightforward method of pricing their services, and giving couples the option to select a pre-defined container make the process simpler for them.  There are a great number of photographers and videographers operating in Danang City, and each of them provides something unique to their […]

How to choose a right wedding photographer in Danang?

“Find someone who has the same kind of energy as you.” Any couple wants a perfect wedding day as a momentous occasion. A wedding day must be one of the most unforgettable days because it is a major turning point in your life. You need to reminisce about your vows, the kiss, the smile, the […]

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