Top 8 Viva Magenta Wedding Ideas for Your Wonderful Wedding Date

viva la vida wedding entrance

Pantone Color Institute has officially announced the main color of 2023 is Viva Magenta, full of energy of struggle and victory. The color received a lot of love from the interested community because of its impressive and breakthrough purple-red color. As can be seen, this color can be applied to most parties and especially weddings […]

7 Polaroid Photo Booth Wedding Ideas That Will Remark Your Guests’ Experience

Wedding photographs comment on the guests’ appearance on the wedding day. But why don’t we make these photographs even more special by styling them differently, such as Polaroid photographs? A polaroid is a photograph with a white frame, usually made with a thin plastic sheet. Therefore, Polaroid pictures look more unique than regular photographs. And […]

Unique Reception-only Ideas For Your Wedding

Before celebrating the wedding day in a fantastic castle with hundreds to thousands of guests, most brides and grooms prefer to have a reception-only wedding. This is a small ceremony where the couple gets to spend time with their truly beloved ones and enjoy the heartwarming moments. A reception-only wedding is an ideal occasion to […]

5 Creative Idea For Wedding Entrance Decorations

wedding entrance decorations

The most highlighted moment at the wedding is when the bride walks through the wedding entrance to enter the aisle with a sparkling wedding dress, a fresh floral bouquet, and a happy smile to greet their officially loved partner. Therefore, having a beautifully decorated wedding entrance will make the scene even more impressive. This article […]

How colors of the year 2023 affect your wedding

Pantone's color of the year 2023

To wedding planners as well as designers who work in the wedding industry, color is an essential element to organize a perfect wedding. Therefore, having a deep insight into color is an important task that wedding planners need to handle.  In regard to this matter, it’s important to keep up with the color of the […]

Top 6 Places for Wonderful Honeymoon in Vietnam

honeymoon in vietnam

Vietnam may provide the ideal honeymoon excursion to couples with its natural charm, inspiring scenery, brilliant colors, and tasty food. You will have the most amazing vacation of your life, filled with perfect love and sublimated feelings. But why Vietnam, rather than other luxurious honeymoon spots around the world? Check out DNX Wedding’s article to […]

8 Tips On How To Make Makeup Last All Day For Wedding

Who does not want to look the best on their wedding day? From wedding dresses, hairstyles, and makeup, you want them always to be as perfect as they just have been done. Throughout the day, many external factors can affect your makeup, such as tears or sweat. Thus, it seems hard to maintain your outlook […]

Vietnam Wedding Dress Trends 2023 – The creation of impressive designs


The “wedding boom” atmosphere has returned after long silence during the COVID-19 pandemic. The wedding ceremony is a milestone marking the time when both of them start a new life together and the most important and meaningful moment in the bride’s life. Choosing a wedding dress can sometimes be as time-consuming as finding the right life […]

Live Music Types You Should Consider At Your Wedding Ceremony

Talking about organizing a wedding ceremony, besides concept, decorations, script, or venue, live music is something we definitely don’t want to miss out on. While photographers capture memorable moments, live music at the wedding ceremony creates a lively vibe throughout the day. Just like choosing a wedding arch or background, the type of music chosen […]

What do you need to prepare for an outdoor wedding in rainy seasons?


The rainy season seems to be hard to host an outdoor wedding, and not everyone is willing to risk their once-and-only lifetime event in this challenging weather. However, by preparing a strong mindset and embracing the rain positively, the rainy season is where the most unique outdoor weddings are celebrated. Knowing what to prepare for […]

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